We continually seek best practice solutions to build them into our platform and make them available to our subscriber community. Based on global interest in our solutions, we are pleased to offer the following packaged solutions resources, including real life examples. If you are looking for something we do not have here please let us know, we are continuously expanding our library of resources!


Gensuite Basics

Explore a variety of resources part of our basic package – the essentials you’ll need to get to know what Gensuite is all about!


Program Briefs

Our products and services fulfill every business compliance and management systems needs. Learn more about our different areas of expertise!

Explore Gensuite Finance Industry Software Solutions

Product Briefs

Curious to learn more about a specific application of ours? These resources are your cheat sheets! Get juicy details on product functionality, features, and more.

Launchiing an EHS management information system

Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story – dive into some of ours! Check out real customer success stories and how they used our products to improve their business.

Gensuite API is Scope Specific to Help Meet Your Compliance Needs

White papers

Guidance and thought-leadership on cloud solutions for challenging management systems needs.


Explore electronic, downloadable books containing critical industry information through entertaining content and graphics.



Visual presentations of key information in the compliance and management systems space.


External Resources & Publications

Explore a collection of resources, such as blogs, articles, and studies, published by consulting firms, independent research companies, and magazines.

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