Leveraging Mobile Technology to Improve HSE Processes

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Improve HSE Processes

What is the best way to enable employees and contractors to quickly access safety procedures, training content, report concerns and incidents, and review hazard information without necessarily having access to a PC at all times? With the rise of Mobile technology, the answer is clear: Mobile and offline integration for health, safety and environmental (HSE) processes offer workers an edge across operating environments. It gives businesses access to vital safety information instantly and the ability to engage with the company’s HSE programs, anywhere any time.

Since 2012, Gensuite has invested consistently in the development of cutting-edge HSE Mobile solutions in our cloud-based software platform for compliance and management systems. Today, we are leaders in Mobile innovation and evolution, and are committed to continuously improving Gensuite Mobile to provide powerful and practical solutions to our HSE subscribers.

In pursuit of Mobile functionality advancements, we teamed up with Verdantix, a leading independent consulting and research firm, at the end of 2016 to conduct an Environmental, Health & Safety Software Mobile Apps Study. In the research study, Gensuite Mobile was presented to a focus group of diverse industries to gauge today’s Mobile HSE user needs and solicit feedback.

Is your company looking to adopt Mobile to streamline HSE processes? Before choosing a vendor, here is what you should look for in a Mobile HSE App, according to the Verdantix study:

User Friendly Interfaces
According to the Verdantix Mobile Apps study, one of the most important factors to HSE users when it comes to Mobile apps are user interfaces. Focus group participants in the study agreed that mobile HSE software applications should be “simple, engaging and require minimal training.” When it comes to successful adoption, it is important to choose an application that your employees will easily understand, and want to use.

Another key factor is that HSE users look to adopt Mobile apps with functionality that work with everyday HSE processes. What does that look like? In the study, it was concluded that, “customers neither expect nor desire mobile functionality which mirrors web-based applications.” Mobile applications should be repurposed from the web-based desktop version to only include those capabilities that are useful in the field or on the floor.

GPS, Offline & Multilingual Capabilities
There were three capabilities that focus group participants expressed they wanted to see in a mobile HSE app, and they were:

1. Geolocation
Focus group members acknowledged that GPS coordinates would be useful for mobile HSE apps. Some noted that they would expect that whenever data is logged on a mobile device, that the location be tagged in the back-end.

2. Multilingual
Focus group participants were consistent in asserting that a default language for each user should be predetermined and set up behind the scenes.

3. Offline
Users from the focus groups acknowledged that offline capabilities would be useful for the various environments that they operate in.
These capabilities help to streamline HSE processes, as many companies track and manage users from multiple locations, with and without internet connectivity.
Verdantix, Verdantix Mobile Apps Study, February 21, 2017

Gensuite Mobile
Gensuite offers mobile capabilities in HSE, and other critical functions including EHS Software, Sustainability, Security, Quality, Product Stewardship and Responsible Sourcing. Gensuite Mobile is created for HSE users by HSE users. With two decades of experience in the industry, our team built Gensuite Mobile to include intuitive functionalities and user interfaces, and integrates the latest in mobile technology, including geolocation, multilingual, offline and Quick Response (QR) code capabilities.
In one deployment, a globally recognized cosmetics company turned to Gensuite when they needed a solution for their employee engagement efforts. The company needed to deploy a program that would improve reporting and engagement across their Asia-Pacific sites, and has done so by including Gensuite Mobile in their implementation strategy.

Gensuite’s Mobile and multilingual features enabled the company to fully support over 300 employees and enhance safety improvement opportunities at these Asia-Pacific locations. Workers at each site simply use their mobile device to log ideas or concerns, with the option to report anonymously for their own security, all on a simple interface that is easy and inviting to use. To further improve engagement between sites, the company leveraged Gensuite’s multilingual capabilities to provide the applications in each location’s language, making it even easier for employees to engage. In the first 18 months of use, the company saw over 5,000 safety improvement opportunities logged, a major increase in their overall employee engagement.

As Mobile use continues to gain popularity in the workplace, our team strives to continuously evolve our Gensuite Mobile application to provide powerful and practical compliance and management system to subscribers. Want to learn more about our latest Mobile offering? Visit us online or request a free trial.

Join myself, Gensuite CEO & founder R Mukund, and Peter Walsh, Director of Business Development Europe & UK, at the HSE Excellence Europe Conference May 23-24, 2017 to discover other cutting-edge projects that Gensuite is working on, including AI, analytics and more.


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