Legal Compliance as Part of EHS Management Systems Excellence: More Than Just a Paper Exercise

Legal Compliance as Part of EHS Management Systems Excellence: More Than Just a Paper Exercise

Does adopting EHS management systems improve your environmental and safety performance? The global uptake and popularity of such systems indicate that this is the case.

However, one of the criticisms often leveled at management systems is that they risk becoming an administrative and paper-based exercise that does not actually bring value. To address this, significant changes have been made by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that guide such systems to remain relevant and ensure that the value they bring is no longer questioned.

These changes will have implications for organizations that are certified, or are seeking certification – and specifically around the requirements within ISO standards to manage compliance with environmental and health & safety laws. In this context, Enhesa and Gensuite offer a combined solution to help meet the needs of what has commonly become referred to as “legal registers” – managing compliance with EHS laws is a fundamental cornerstone of any EHS management system.

The challenges in this regard have evolved considerably over time, but so have the solutions and approaches to managing compliance. More specifically, this publication will examine the following issues:

  • The development of ISO 45001 and recent revision of ISO 14001 and the provisions therein regarding compliance with legal requirements
  • The traditional Legal Register Vs Auditing approach
  • The capabilities and opportunities brought by providers of global regulatory analysis, combined with technology applications
  • The new paradigm: Ongoing Compliance Management
  • How Gensuite’s new functionality—with Enhesa content—can help to address these challenges
  • Practical examples on how to use Enhesa regulatory intelligence within Gensuite
  • Demonstrate the clear correlation between adopting a management system standard and the environmental/safety performance of your organization

Read more on this topic by downloading the white paper published by Enhesa and Gensuite, that examines best-practices for meeting the needs of “Legal Registers” within EHS Management System Standards (new ISO 45001 and recently updated ISO 14001).


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