Launching an EHS Management Information System: 3 You Need to Know

Launching an EHS Management Information System: 3 You Need to Know

When it comes to driving business processes, excel spreadsheets and in-house systems can only take you so far. The benefit of digitization is certainly not lost in the world of EHS compliance. In the EHS Management Information System (EMIS) software market, there are many options that boast about the advantage of driving compliance excellence. With time and money on the line, it is important to carefully select the right fit for your company in order to avoid implementation complications. Equipped with first-hand experience spanning over 20 years, here are Gensuite’s top 3 things you need to know for a successful EMIS launch.

  1. Involve stakeholders & plan for their involvement in EMIS decision making

When choosing EMIS system, who better to include in the selection process than those who will be using it? It may be surprising to hear that some companies secure compliance resources through sourcing or IT alone without involving the teams that will be impacted by the selection day to day. Avoid buyer’s remorse by identifying the right selection committee and engage them in all decision-making. By including all user perspectives – business EHS leaders, representative site teams, IT, sourcing, etc. – you cover every base for the many different job positions using the system, ensuring that you select a proper fit for your users.

  1. Know your business processes & research how they will fit into an EMIS

With so many options on the market, it is important to understand what each provider offers and how their product will fit with your business process. A good solution provider should ask questions upfront and will ask to see your workflow/process documents to learn more about how your business operates and how to best assist you in reaching your goals. For companies that don’t know what questions to ask, having a partnership with EHS experts who have experience in EMIS deployment would be beneficial.

Gensuite is different from other EMIS providers because we offer experienced advice when planning out deployment. With over 120 program launches under our belt, Gensuite can partner with you to offer best-in-class customer service, including best practice insights. From the moment a company signs with Gensuite, they are carefully walked through every step of the launch process; through implementation, training, on-site visits and follow-up meetings to ensure everything is running smoothly.

“What’s remarkable about working with the Gensuite team is how much it feels like a collaboration with someone you are partnering with. What you get when you work with Gensuite is something a little bit different. This is someone who says what you are trying to do as a business and why you are trying to do it,” said Gensuite user, Ryan Brown, from Amazon.

  1. Consider how your organizational hierarchy will be structured in the system and how adaptively an EMIS can respond to structure change

Before shopping in the EHS management information system market, you should have a good plan for how your organizational hierarchy can be mirrored in the system. Establishing your business operating structure is key to making sure data goes in the system appropriately and can be extracted in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Think about these key points:

  • How should the data going into the system be tagged so that it is useful in engaging the appropriate teams?
  • What are your reporting needs in terms of organization structure?
  • What levels of the organization expect to see compliance performance reports?
  • Who needs to be notified when injuries, incidents or other important events occur?

Gensuite’s patented approach for building company organizational hierarchy in a digital system allows all compliance data to be associated with a scope designated to responsible individuals. This comes in handy during business restructuring – a necessary evil in the marketplace and something that many companies exploring EMIS businesses take for granted. Don’t be left without options when the inevitable business change occurs, and consider business structure thoughtfully to ensure performance reports are meaningful to stakeholders.

Serving global companies across diverse industries in EMIS deployment, Gensuite knows a thing or two about how to have a successful launch. A well-developed plan is key. Understand your workflow before you start thinking about system integration. Define a process that you can effectively communicate to EMIS software providers. And, always include stakeholder perspectives to fully understand how different EMIS systems work with your business. So, take your time, choose the right team and reap the benefits of a successful EMIS launch.



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