Keeping It Corporate Casual: Meet Members of the Gensuite Corporate Team

Keeping It Corporate Casual: Meet Members of the Gensuite Corporate Team

Gensuite Culture

Working within the Gensuite Corporate team, in the marketing department, I often get to collaborate with Corporate team members in our Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters and team members throughout the world as well—which is a big part of the Gensuite experience!

But before I was able to become a part of the experience, I had to do what everyone else has had to do—apply for the job. Luckily, my experience was kicked-off by my former classmate and accounting class study buddy, Amanda Zepeda, who had been and still is in the Human Resources department at Gensuite. After going through the interview process and accepting the position, she also played a large part in my onboarding. Another Corporate team member who was instrumental in my start at Gensuite was Justin McGovern, who helped me with the financial aspect of beginning a new job. We’re all three a part of the Corporate team at Gensuite, yet we all fulfill very different roles for the company.

To learn more about our unique team and global interactions, I had a chance to sit down with these two Corporate team members, Amanda Zepeda (HR Specialist) and Justin McGovern (Finance Specialist), to discover how they work within Gensuite and how they impact our team worldwide.

How did you join the Gensuite Team?

Amanda: While I was still in college I applied to Gensuite for one of their internship positions that I could manage while still attending class. Instead of the internship, however, Gensuite was extremely flexible with my school schedule and allowed me to start as a full-time team member. This gave me the opportunity to learn so much more than my previous work and internship experiences, working with team members in both Cincinnati office and those in the Canada, London and Paris offices as well.

Justin: I was looking for a job right out of college back in 2016. Gensuite caught my eye from their focus on tech and how positive the whole interview experience was. I applied to Gensuite and another company, and by the time the second place got back to me I was already happily employed here!

What is it like to work on the Gensuite Corporate Team?

Amanda: What makes the Corporate team different from others is our focus on our internal team members rather than customers. So that means I get to interact with our team members in all of our different, global pillars and understand their contributions to the team. I also get to work on the recruitment side of things and help those hired integrate well with our team’s culture.

Justin: Not only do I get to do work in my primary field, finance, but I also wear many hats and do some work in other fields like HR with Amanda. It further connects my work to other co-workers in the company across all of our offices. I think something that makes us unique is that Gensuite has been hiring younger professionals out of college, like myself and Amanda. It’s also nice that the work environment is so friendly and relaxed, it lets me show off my Hawaiian shirts!

What are some of your favorite projects and tasks you get to work on?

Amanda: First hired on the team, our HR department was young and had plenty of room to develop. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to not only brainstorm but implement new ideas and better systems. Something like implementing our new Paycor Learning Management System is going to help our other team members and it’s exciting to be able to improve our team in new and unique ways. But on the day-to-day, it’s great to find those who are excited about what we do and integrate them into our team.

Justin: Like Amanda, I get to work with a lot of our team members from different pillars and help them reach their goals. Something, like budgeting for plans across all our pillars and finding out what’s right for them to achieve their goals, is something that I’m happy I get to work on. It can certainly be a challenge considering all the expenses each pillar might have, but if there wasn’t any challenge it wouldn’t be any fun!

What type of person should join the Gensuite Corporate Team

Amanda: We’re always looking for someone who will be an active team member and will be engaging with those around them. We hold many events that allow our team members to have fun and be outgoing and we love seeing that translate in their work.

Justin: I agree, someone who is able to be an active part of this team is something we look for. But also someone who is willing to try new things and wear many hats that they maybe didn’t expect to be able to wear at all.

Talking with Amanda and Justin gave me a greater appreciation for not only the work we do in the Corporate pillar, but how our work extends to those within and outside our usual team members! It was also great for someone like myself, who had worked with Amanda in the past in college, to see how her skills have successfully translated into a career. Plus, it’s always awesome connecting with team members like Justin to understand what truly happens behind each position at Gensuite—and how as a team we contribute to company goals!

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