Join the Dark Side (Literally!): What It’s Like to Work on Gensuite’s Product Management Team

Join the Dark Side (Literally!): What It’s Like to Work on Gensuite’s Product Management Team

In the two years that I have worked at Gensuite, I notice that our Product Management team has a certain allure in the company. And while our teams work well together, the Project Management team is set apart from the rest in their own right. Among our brightly lit headquarters in Mason, Ohio, the Product Management department is nestled towards the back of Gesuite’s working space—lights dim, giant stuffed animals overlooking our developers and even a designated “Innovation Station”, fully equipped with a couch and mini fridge. And that’s just at our headquarters. We have developers in every corner of the globe—from Mexico to India and beyond! At Gensuite, we pride ourselves on the creativity and evolution that our products have undergone over the last 20 years, and our product developers are the creators of that.

I recently had the chance to sit down with two of Gensuite’s senior developers, Peter Rother (Director of Product Management) and Justin Hanks (Senior Leader of Product Management) to see what working on Gensuite’s Product Management Team is all about.

What is it like to work as a Product Developer at Gensuite?

Justin: Working on the Product Management team, you are afforded endless opportunities to work on a multitude of diverse projects. Your tasks change from day to day—sometimes you will work on bug fixes and the maintenance of our applications, other times you will work on new projects that are part of a company initiative—and you will be working with multiple different software engineering languages to build upon your skillsets. Some of the core languages we work with are SQL, Cold Fusion, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Peter: I agree with Justin—In addition to the amount of opportunities you are given to work on diverse projects in your role, working at Gensuite is also a great learning experience as a product developer. The projects we work on are very diverse. There’s room for creativity, and we harness some interesting new technologies. Another great thing about working at Gensuite is the team interaction. We are a global team, so you will work with team members from different cultures around the world on a daily basis.

How did you join the Gensuite Team?

Peter: I joined as an Associate Product Developer in 2011. Since then, I have continuously evolved into the role I am in now. Working at Gensuite, you are encouraged to take ownership of projects, and often times if you perform well, it is an incredible opportunity for growth within the company. For me, that project was our Multi-lingual capabilities. Our applications are translated in more than 18 languages, and I helped manage the growth of this functionality.

Justin: I was also hired as an Associate Product Developer back in 2012. Like Peter, I took initiative of several projects and now lead multiple apps within Gensuite’s product suite. The hiring process at Gensuite went smoothly for me. I applied online, and quickly went through the interview process and received an offer.

What exciting projects are you working on?

Justin: One fascinating project that I am currently working on is for a university—it will include safety software that will be applied in an educational setting. This new Gensuite application will help students of the university familiarize themselves with safety equipment required for certain classes. Projects like this are awesome to work on, because you know that the work that you are doing is keeping people safe.

Peter: Currently, I am working on building a new Multi-lingual functionality for an existing customer. It will combine smart technology to instantly translate data and information for users. As mentioned before, at Gensuite we get to work with a number of new, cutting-edge technologies and this is just one project where that comes into play.

Why should people join Gensuite’s Product Management Team?

Justin: I think at the core, the reason why it’s great to be a part of Gensuite’s Product Management Team is the amount of opportunity you are given—not just to move up within the company, but also to learn from your mentors and peers, work with different technologies and grow as a product developer.

Peter: Another reason why developers should join Gensuite is the culture. A lot of young talent work here, and it’s easy to form personal relationships. There are always team-building activities across all of our global locations. Here in Cincinnati, we go on a lot of outings and events such as golfing, dinners, charity events and more. Employees here are also rewarded with prizes and awards on a regular basis. It’s nice to know that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

After meeting with Justin and Peter, I now have insight into what makes working for Gensuite’s Product Management team so great—among a team that is already awesome! Our product developers are the ones who bring our live and environment-saving applications to light.

Are you interested in applying for a Product Management position at Gensuite? Visit to see our global open positions!






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