My Internship Experience at Gensuite

My Internship Experience at Gensuite

My internship at Gensuite has given me valuable insight into the environmental, health and safety (EHS) industry and marketing industry. As a Communication/Marketing Intern, I contributed to an assortment of fun, challenging, and thought-provoking tasks.  

Daily, I assisted the marketing team in creating social media content, blogs, and press releases. In addition, I helped my team with other marketing tasks including building PowerPoints, emails and video projects. I also had the opportunity to edit and create content for Gensuite collateral.

Throughout my internship, I grew as a professional and further developed my communication and writing skills. Working for such a diverse and innovative company continually inspired me to think outside of the box. Together with my mentors, I learned how to present my ideas professionally, thoughtfully, and how to promote the importance of Gensuite’s work. By creating social media posts, blogging, and acquiring a better understanding how to engage an audience in Gensuite’s solutions, I achieved an even greater understanding of how Gensuite successfully evolves to serve the ever-changing EHS industry.   

I was pleasantly surprised by Gensuite’s creative and a fun work environment. Every day I was treated like a professional and a valuable member of the team. My experience at Gensuite was far from stereotypical internships, never once was I asked to get coffee. I was given the same tasks as my mentors on the marketing team.

I started during one of their busiest times of the year. My first week, I was given the privilege to observe the 2017 Gensuite Conference. I watched the Gensuite team in action as they delivered their newest innovations and shared best practices with their customers. The Gensuite team also included me in a marketing specific training event through Women in Digital where I learned more about the digital marketing industry and how to empower other women in the digital field.

Prior to this summer, I had little knowledge of the EHS industry or Gensuite. Gensuite’s mission is to be the turnkey partner for its subscribers with services spanning cloud hosting, maintenance, support, customization, implementation and strategy consulting, and continuous product evolution. Working for Gensuite has taught me how to tackle multiple tasks, collaborate with others in a team environment.

Because of my internship with Gensuite, I have gained a greater appreciation for the EHS industry, social media, SEO, marketing, blogging and content writing. The biggest takeaway from my internship experience is the importance of communication, team work and problem-solving. Gensuite’s marketing team is made up of hard-working, driven women who work strategically and efficiently to meet deadlines and push out content in a predominantly male industry. Their dedication and perseverance are truly inspiring.

My goal was to grow as a professional and learn to apply my skills in the communication/marketing industry. Thank you to everyone at Gensuite for treating me as an equal and for giving me the tools I need to be successful in the next steps of my schooling and my career. To learn more about Gensuite’s culture visit



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