The maritime and shipping industry face annual global growth off-shore on ships and on-shore at container ports, both of which come with a unique set of challenges. These challenges include changes to global trade, a growing need for technology in remote areas, and adherence to strict regulations surrounding ISO/TC8 ships and marine technology, International Maritime Organization (IMO): Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), and Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (MACOSH).

Such diversity requires corporations in the maritime and shipping industries to connect with safety management software systems and consulting services that understand such challenges. With Gensuite software, you can digitize off and onshore programs with a comprehensive software system that enables maintenance of regulatory compliance and trains team members globally with 18+ languages and Mobile capabilities.


Gensuite offers a full suite of compliance and management software solutions and applications related to the maritime and shipping industry designed to meet your specific needs.


Responsible Sourcing

Gensuite Responsible Sourcing Software manages the client-supplier relationship for enhanced supply chain practices.

Audit & Compliance Assurance

Audits and corrective actions made easy with Audit Management software that simplifies regulatory compliance audits, inspection and follow-up processes.

Training Compliance

Structure and deliver regulatory and best practice training to reduce risk and enhance productivity with Gensuite Training Management Software.

Gensuite Mobile

Take your compliance programs and management systems everywhere! Gensuite’s best-in-class Mobile solutions support 30+ industries in 6 functional areas to enable offline or online reporting and auditing, and much more. Join 60,000+ Gensuite Mobile users today.


Supplier Manager

Create supplier inventory of information by including supplier risk, location and sourced products; view program status and audit results.

Action Tracking System

Manage supplier audit corrective action plans, email notifications and escalations, status/closure tracking, trending, data mining and program insights.

Reg Auditor

Conduct audits using internally authored protocols or turnkey global content providers; export findings to the Gensuite Action Tracking System.

Training Tracker

Manage employee engagement with regulatory and best-practice training requirements using a multi-tiered matrix, deliver training via classroom or e-learning and view qualifications on-demand.



Med Care Occupational Health Management Brief

Unite your occupational health management and workforce health & safety programs.


Concern Reporting with Incident Management Software

In this case study, Gensuite provided an effective incident management process.


Ensure Product Compliance and Supply Chain Continuity

Respond to regulatory change and customer demands quickly while ensuring supply chain continuity and product compliance.



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