The manufacturing industry faces many challenges surrounding shifts in technology, demographics, and economic changes. Manufacturing companies in particular must pay attention to these areas to stay competitive and compliant–to stay positioned for global growth and employee well-being.

It’s time to innovate and optimize your systems, processes, employees, and production line with Gensuite. With Gensuite you can utilize the latest EHS technology while streamlining your quality processes and reduce workplace incidents, factory defects, and drive customer satisfaction.


Gensuite offers a full suite of EHSQ software solutions and applications related to the manufacturing industry designed to meet your specific needs.


Equipment Maintenance

Manage your operating assets with Gensuite Equipment Management Software to track equipment, work orders and preventative maintenance, and integrate regulatory compliance.

Quality Management System

Meet quality program and product expectations, conform with certification systems and deliver to customer standards with Gensuite Quality Management System (QMS)software.

Employee Engagement

Enhance employee involvement in safety critical improvement activities with Gensuite Employee Engagement Software.

Training Compliance

Structure and deliver regulatory and best practice training to reduce risk and enhance productivity with Gensuite Training Management Software.


Concern Reporting

Provide employees a quick mechanism to share the What, When and Where for safety needs, good catches/near misses and suggestions!

Safety Observations

Record and data mine behavior based safety(BBS) observations for safe vs at risk activities using Mobile and PC devices; enhances safety culture and drive safety program improvements.

Training Tracker

Manage employee engagement with regulatory and best-practice training requirements using a multi-tiered matrix, deliver training via classroom or e-learning and view qualifications on-demand.


Standardizes the procedure creation & review process, establishes an equipment inventory, and allows employees to search a repository of approved procedures.


“The software has two strengths that stand out: ease of use and customer service. It is very intuitive and is easy to understand. We have been able to roll it out globally with much success. More than anything, I’ve been impressed by the customer service. Gensuite did several training sessions for our global deployment and gave us choices for which language to use for the training.”

Ryan Reed
Senior EHS Specialist


The Connected Worker: Mobilize and Empower People to Reduce Risks and Improve Safety

Apply innovative digital technologies to solve EHS problems and add business value.


Case Study: Driving EHS Performance Metrics

Learn how a manufacturing company drove EHS & sustainability performance using Gensuite’s applications.


Equipment Safety & Maintenance Solutions

Manage your operating assets while tracking your equipment, work orders, and maintenance.



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