Automotive companies must keep-up with industry-specific, ever-evolving EHSQ compliance requirements and customer demands. Such demands often result in automobile manufacturer, supplier and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) non-compliance, incidents, and product defects. These costly problems are a major setback to resources, as recalls result in faulty air bags, brakes, and more.

Take your step toward automotive industry success by investing in automotive software solutions tailored to your specific needs. Gensuite solutions allow you to meet certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and OHSAS 18001 & OSHA VPP certifications, so you can ensure all of your assets stay within customer and regulatory standards.


Gensuite offers a full suite of EHSQ software solutions and applications related to the automotive industry designed to meet your specific needs.


Chemical Management

Simplify and streamline hazard communication, SDS management, and employee training requirements.

Contractor Management

Reduce safety incidents and associated risks and costs while ensuring employees are trained.

Quality Management Software

Improve product quality and customer satisfaction while meeting compliance requirements.

Sustainability/Energy Management

Ensure compliance, meet sustainability and environmental goals, while maintaining smooth operations.


Continuous Improvement

Perform detailed root cause analysis on identified issues and classify issues with failure and causal codes with corrective and preventive actions.

Maintenance Manager

Schedule, assign, and track equipment maintenance and manage work orders with integrated access to equipment docs and online maintenance checklists.

Inspection Tool

Conduct mobile inspections using customized inspection checklists, establishing an auditing routine and assign to managers in the facility.


Monitor air permit compliance emission requirements again real-time data from emissions sources, limit calculations and record keeping exceptions.


Gensuite Subscriber Yamaha Uses Automotive Software Solutions
Gensuite Subscriber KAR Auction Services Uses Automotive Software Solutions
Gensuite Subscriber MAHLE Uses Automotive Software Solutions
Gensuite Subscriber Compas Uses Automotive Software Solutions
Gensuite Subscriber Leon Interiors Inc Uses Automotive Software Solutions

“Gensuite was a major find for KAR and very welcomed. Laura and Lindsey and the entire Gensuite team have exceeded expectation set and we really appreciate their hard work. I am excited for this addition into KAR’s EH&S program and look forward to building the business relationship.”

James Walker
Director of Environment, Health & Safety,
KAR Auction Services


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