Improving Occupational Health Management Through Clinical Tracking Software

Improving Occupational Health Management Through Clinical Tracking Software

Occupational Health and Safety Management

Gensuite has been in the occupational health and safety management field for 15+ years, but just recently were approached by a current customer to develop a cohesive clinic management tool. Over the years, we’ve grown to understand the needs of our subscribers and the challenges they face in the occupational health industry when addressing injuries and illnesses for their employees. Together, we have created Med Care: an occupational health and safety management system that integrates with the other Gensuite Incident Management Tools. Gensuite Med Care’s integration capabilities help to develop a single portal for all of your occupational health needs, including data integration, financial reporting, customization, and clinical tracking. Here’s a detailed look at the challenges faced within this specific occupational sector of the health field, and how the new Gensuite Med Care tool has begun to address these challenges.


First, what is the new Gensuite occupational health tool?

Gensuite Med Care is a specialized tool to help with the management of employee incident reporting and clinical visit tracking. It assists specifically with medical express unscheduled and scheduled visits, and on-going follow-up for documented incidents. Here’s a few examples of how Gensuite Med Care can help improve workplace processes in the health industry:

  • Manage clinic visits, medical encounters, and treatment provided to employees by medical staff
  • Track daily follow-up to ensure patient status is improving
  • Leverage for work-related and non-work related medical care; including association with an Injury/Illness case
  • Customize data collection based on the type care visit/medical encounter
  • Attach supporting documentation including First Report of Injury (FROI), Workers’ Compensation forms, etc.
  • Maintaining the right balance of ease of documentation and data sharing to ensure compliance (for example, ISO 45001) with global standards on employee data protection


Pay only for what you need

Many companies invest in software that is focused specifically on clinic visit management geared toward larger facilities such as hospitals and doctors’ offices. They don’t tend towards on-site medical offices or quick-visit non-work related facilities. Because of this, the software is much more expensive. The Gensuite subscriber base and other subscribers are paying much more money than they need to while only using around 10% of the functionality they are paying for. However, with the Gensuite Med Care tool, you will pay a fraction of this cost, and have a specialized tool fit for your specific needs and services.


Extend and customize to enhance for your occupational health needs

Easily integrate the Gensuite Med Care tool with the Gensuite Incident Management Software! We have designed ways to integrate and share only the right information between Gensuite MedCare & the Incident Management suite, allowing for on-going information sharing with the EHS professionals taking care of incident investigation.  Additional integrations enable documented concerns or observations to lead to MedCare visits or follow-up based on supervisors reviews and comments.  All enabling a more powerful suite of software focused on the care and follow-up of possible injuries to your staff.  We’ve taking time to ensure that no matter how a potential employee injury or a potential concern is logged, their health and well being at the facility feeds into the Gensuite Med Care medical module.


Integrated Data Sharing in Med Care: Workers Comp Providers

With Med Care, Gensuite’s Health Management software is not only simplifying data entry for your medical staff. It is also saving time and money for your company by integrating downstream with various Workers Comp providers.  Based on the documentation gathered by your Medical Team, expanded upon with your EHS & Operations Teams, we have the ability to automatically feed data to Workers Comp solutions reducing the likelihood of transcription errors, reducing double data entry, expanding reporting capabilities, and built a complete data path via a single solution.  No more hunting for documentation in 3 or 4 systems to share with the investigation or legal teams. Open Gensuite and view case documentation from the initial clinic visit through the potential cost of injury provided by your workers comp provider.


To learn more about current Gensuite Incident Management Reporting software and Gensuite Health Management Software, or if you’re interested in scheduling a demo or free trial, contact us by clicking here.

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