The Magic of HSE Management Systems: How an Organization Gained 75% Time Savings After Implementation

The Magic of HSE Management Systems: How an Organization Gained 75% Time Savings After Implementation

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Gensuite recently met with James Elward, the National HSEQ Manager for Enviropacific, which acts as Australia’s leader in environmental remediation and industrial waste management. Almost 2 years ago, Enviropacific began implementing Gensuite’s information management software throughout their business. With this experience, they were able to sit down with Gensuite and share exactly why Enviropacific chose to invest in Gensuite software, and the immediate results that they’ve seen.  

Prior to deploying Gensuite, James estimated that 25% of his team’s incident reports remained incomplete. The team was missing essential details and information from paper forms and was facing a huge opportunity to improve administrative efficiencies. Enviropacific came to Gensuite looking for an enterprise-wide solution to optimize their current health, safety, environment & quality processes for incident management and compliance assurance. They needed a solution that would offer a simple user interface, powerful backend reports for management to review and analyze trends, and a flexible configuration to align employees and contractors at both office locations and project-based worksites. 

Aligning HSE Management Information Systems to Organizational Need 

With 70+ active workplaces and projects on the roster, Enviropacific knew they needed an HSE management solution to the challenge surrounding the structure of their worksites, including both offices and offsite, project-based locations. Their workload includes over 2,300 projects a year, with most major projects stretching over a span of 8 months to 2 years. Therefore, a customized HSE management information system needed to be able to handle both the wide range of physical locations and product types, employees and contractors, as well as the differing project lengths. 

Enviropacific’s workplace needs boiled down to two integral aspects – efficiency and configurability. In the wide range of situations that their enterprise-wide software would need to be deployed, there would be times when employees needed an operational view to complete tasks and oversight duties, while leadership would need to dive into comprehensive reports and gain actionable insights into site-specific data. Another key requirement was restricted access for contractors through single sign-on capability. With a majority of incident reports left incomplete, resulting in missing details and spreading the time-consuming job of hunting down information across different teamsEnviropacific knew they needed aHSE management information system to support process efficiency as well as organizationalspecific customization and alignment. 

How HSE Management Information Systems Improve Performance 

 When Enviropacific made the decision to sign on with Gensuitewe worked together to not only to meet their immediate performance needs, but to support Enviropacific’s future success and continued growth. The key applications they chose to deploy included Gensuite’s Action Tracking system in order to maintain an across-the-board understanding of defined corrective/preventative actions and ensure timely response, as well as Concern Reporting for streamlined communication between management and site workers – all to be used by HSE teams across the span of the organization. With a digital HSE management information system, circular communication became easier to uphold, and Concern Reporting allowed management to gather and analyze the captured feedback provided by employees. 

Enviropacific’s enterprise-wide deployment of Gensuite resulted in a 75% savings in time spent handling HSE records. With their newly automated management system, they were able to move almost entirely away from using paper and improve accountability in reference to project status. The company also began employing the use of QR codes through Gensuite Mobile, and increased in logged concerns, with a higher volume of concerns being addressed and relieved, and a heightened level of overall participation with the newfound ease of functionality. Incidents & Measurements has also proved invaluable in revealing trends across the company and helped management to analyze data and gain actionable insights towards streamlining and perfecting business processes. 

HSE Management System Support with Gensuite 

With the support of Gensuite’s global Customer & Application Services team, Enviropacific can pull trends from the comprehensive data collected through their Gensuite-based digital information management system. Through this information, they’ve been able to identify hotspots requiring additional attention, as well as make connections for employee coaching opportunities with the expert knowledge needed to solve relevant issues. They have also been able to establish a significantly shortened turnaround for corrective actions, and create an atmosphere of positive, communicative governance within the organization. 

With Gensuite’s personalized software capabilities, it’s easy for Enviropacific to shift their application usage strategy towards their immediate needs, fostering long-term adoption, and have more time to continue focus where it matters most – delivering environmental safeguards and waste remediation excellence, all for a healthier and safer community. 

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