HSE Excellence Europe Takeaways

HSE Excellence Europe Takeaways

The 2018 HSE Excellence Europe Conference in Lisbon, Portugal has come and gone, and this year was an event to remember. For the past three years, Gensuite has been an active participant in these conferences whether that means being an attendee, speaker or being a main sponsor of the event. This year we checked all three of these boxes as we took part in this year’s incredible event.

What makes HSE Excellence Europe stand-out? The beautiful location? The event space? The food? These were all wonderful facets of the event, but I the event can be easily separated into three big takeaways that describe why it was a great event.

The People

Hosting such an enticing gathering tends to attract interesting and influential people, and that’s exactly what we witnessed at HSE Excellence Europe. The sessions consisted of CEOs, HSE Directors and Safety Officers coming from a variety of industry backgrounds globally. Aviation, construction, transportation, energy—these industries and more where all represented during these sessions. One of the standout speakers was a part of a materials company, managing tens of thousands of employees. Their solutions to health and safety were pragmatic and effective for dealing with the complexity and size of the company. The session as a whole inspired many ideas and showed the kind of high-tier attendees this event attracts.

Of course, there was much more conversation outside of the scheduled sessions. Having our own Gensuite booth at a conference is not out of the norm, but what really struck us was the amount of amazing people lining up to talk to us. The atmosphere of the conference was laid back and conversational, leading to many attendees to come to us with their questions, ideas, stories and interest in what we had to offer. What did we talk about with these enthusiastic attendees?

The Conversations

While HSE Excellence Europe has new speakers and new topic discussions every year, we’ve been able to see what ideas keep attendees coming back for more. Unsurprisingly, emerging technology has been the influence of many recurring speaking sessions—one that our subscribers take interest in and a movement that Gensuite leads the charge on. The question that Gensuite is answering is how new, emerging tech can be successfully implement into a vast array of industries represented at conferences like these.

This is why the focus of our Gensuite presentation was on our all new Frontier Tech line and how to implement technology successfully in HSE management and auditing programs. One of these focuses is on our first ever virtual assistant, Genny™. Genny is our solution to build a stronger connection between employees and their HSE initiatives by bridging the gap between information and people through AI.

During the event, we also saw many unique ideas when it comes to what technology is being utilized and how it’s fitting into the different industries. People interested in Gensuite were talking to us about their company, their innovations, their unique challenges and ideas on how to solve them.

The Event Leaders

The success of this year’s event can be attributed to the chairman of the event and longtime friend to Gensuite, Professor Andrew Sherman. Prof. Sherman and his dynamic leadership of the HSE Excellence Europe event is the reason we were able to see the diverse set of attendees, the inspirational sessions, and the consistently interesting and evolving conversations.


Being a main sponsor of HSE Excellence Europe, we care about the quality of event we attach our name to. This is why we’re thrilled to continue to partner with Prof. Sherman and his excellent event. We continue to be impressed with this conference; the professionalism of the organization, the content of the sessions and the quality of the people are all reasons we continue to support and attend this event.


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