How to Stay Competitive with Sustainable Business Practices

How to Stay Competitive with Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is the new way of business. It’s in the media, in politics, and affects the air we breathe. But why should business leaders care? Operating as a sustainable and energy efficient company is the new standard in this competitive market. If companies don’t comply with rigorous energy and sustainability regulations, they could face serious consequences. Here is how to stay competitive with sustainable business practices.

Sustainability and Energy Management Software
One way to achieve compliance and establish improved corporate sustainability practices is to invest in energy management software that streamlines the tracking, evaluation, and improvement processes of sustainability and energy use.

Choosing to deploy sustainability and energy management software also means better business for companies. Efficient energy management optimizes production and drives-down costs, guaranteeing business longevity.

With the right sustainability and energy management software, you can prepare for upcoming sustainability regulations and effectively maintain current corporate sustainability practices and operations. Gensuite creates applications tailored to sustainability and energy management. Gensuite works with customers each step of the way as a world-class Software as a Service provider, in order to secure and continuously improve corporate sustainability business practices.

Establishing a Baseline

You will need one, unified platform to conduct resource usage and cost reporting. Gensuite’s Sustainability and Energy Management program streamlines the reporting process, establishing a baseline of your company’s sustainability footprint with the ability to track multiple parameters at once.

Analyzing, identifying, & improving

Once a baseline is identified, you will need to begin charting your corporate sustainability progress. Charting progress allows for year-over-year comparisons and averages, in order to identify peak company consumption, as well as problem areas to address, and to begin establishing reduction goals. Gensuite makes analyzing, identifying, and improving effortless, and does so across the entire company, with options such as automatic site notifications, to share sustainability business practice success with all business sites.

Gensuite’s Sustainability and Energy Management software is currently deployed at 600+ sites globally, reporting over 200+ unique parameters such as fuel usage, refrigerants and units produced. Gensuite’s Sustainability & Energy Management program uses best-in-class technology to not just efficiently quantify site usage, but to also measure the quality of sustainability, with site-surveying options to collect qualitative data, Key Performance Indicators and more. “In the grand scheme of things, having the stability that Gensuite provides is important for sure, especially in sustainability management.” said Senior Sustainability Affairs Manager at a multinational home appliance manufacturer, “It isn’t always easy, but having Gensuite is crucial for reaching sustainability aspirations.”

In order to stay competitive in today’s greener world, you have to deploy the best sustainability and energy management program to improve sustainable business practices and gain momentum in the current market.

Sustainability practices surpass personal and company gain; sustainability targets take into consideration the planet we call home. Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure. If you care about personal, business and environmental endurance, you will understand why corporate sustainability is so important. Gensuite’s applications ensure that your business processes are in full compliance with regulations, and contributes to creating a more sustainable future for all.




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