How to Digitally Power an Effective Process Safety Management Program

How to Digitally Power an Effective Process Safety Management Program

Process Safety Management (PSM)

Do you have a system in place to help manage your Process Safety Management (PSM) programs? According to OSHA, PSM refers to a set of connected management approaches for various hazardous industries and is intended to reduce the frequency and severity of incidents resulting from chemical releases and other energy sources. PSM programs have many moving parts–including process safety leadership, risk identification, assessment, and management, and continuous reviews and improvement plans. In order to maintain and sustain effective Process Safety Management Programs, you must have a proper solution in place. Digital solutions help power and sustain these programs. Here are steps to take when digitally powering your PSM program.


Step 1:

Establish your PSM Goals. When you establish organization goals to help achieve Process Safety Management, it not only benefits your company and your employees by creating better measures for health and safety for hazardous chemical management, but it also helps you to achieve compliance, and keeps everything running smoothly. Many companies try to keep in mind the fourteen elements of Process Safety Management when establishing programs. These are as follows:


  1. Employee Participation
  2. Process Safety Information
  3. Process Hazard Analysis
  4. Operating Procedures
  5. Training
  6. Contractors
  7. Pre-Startup Safety Review
  8. Mechanical Integrity
  9. Hot Work Permit
  10. Management of Change
  11. Incident Investigation
  12. Emergency Planning and Response
  13. Compliance Audits
  14. Trade Secrets


OSHA inspectors will look for these elements when they review your Process Safety Management program, so building them into it and keeping them in mind early on is a critical first step.


Step 2:

Know Your PSM Resources. There are a variety of resources that can help make implementing your digital Process Safety Management solution a breeze. Every company is different; that’s why when you’re in the investment process you shouldn’t buy-in to a one-size-fits-all solution. Do your research first!

Gensuite Webinars provide you with the opportunity to ask specialized questions about digital PSM solutions. Obtain the background information you need about your industry-specific area to make an informed decision on a PSM program solution. Gensuite is also in the process of creating a new, unified PSM program solution–and we want your help! This solution will provide a performance overview of PSM elements and integrate process safety-related data records from multiple Gensuite applications.

Want more info? Join our upcoming Webinar on PSM January 24th, 2018 2 PM EST! Gensuite also has several other resources such as case studies, white papers, and product briefs that offers guidance on digital PSM solutions.


Step 3:

Build a digital PSM solution with Gensuite! Gensuite offers cloud-based Process Safety Management (PSM) management software applications that are developed based on best practices across industries and PSM related regulatory requirements. Gensuite PSM enables companies to stay in compliance with regulations, and helps identify and evaluate potential risk points in their EHS program to protect their workers, their communities and their business. With the Gensuite PSM application, you can…

  • Track covered processes and chemicals
  • Establish a repository of process hazard analyses (PHAs) and related documentation
  • Measure conformity with Process Safety Management program expectations
  • Track recommendations, follow-up actions and process safety incidents
  • Maintain a repository of PHAs and related documentation
  • Evaluate and rank risks based on severity, likelihood or a customized scoring model
  • Visualize risk probability & consequence on a dynamic heat map
  • Establish an action plan to address all risks identified in the workplace


Process Safety Management is important. PSM programs are even more important, and those that are digitally powered are priceless. Implementing the steps above will help you achieve PSM success to continuously sustain safety within your company.


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