How Smart Technology Enhances and Integrates with Compliance and Management Software

How Smart Technology Enhances and Integrates with Compliance and Management Software

Smart Technology

How does your workplace handle compliance and management processes such as auditing, preparing reports, conducting safety procedures, and other Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) procedures? Oftentimes, companies spend unnecessary amounts of time to maintain compliancy and safety in the workplace. However, modern compliance and management processes don’t have to be complex thanks to smart technology. Read about how these smart technology game changers are shifting the way companies are interacting with compliance and management software to better workplaces’ overall EHS programs, auditing processes and procedures.


Gensuite Analytics Powered by Tableau®

Gensuite Analytics’ integrated Tableau functions allows for viewing and editing template reports, creating business customized reports, conducting multivariate analysis, and visualizing data to tell stories, illustrate trends and more.


Genny™ Your Gensuite Virtual Assistant

Genny brings virtual assistant and artificial intelligence features to Gensuite users on Mobile and desktop. This is the first-ever enterprise compliance and management system that understands and speaks to you. Explore endless capabilities: say or type commands, like “site performance briefing reports”, ask Genny about your to-do list, even ask Genny to take quick action and log concerns. Let Genny support your team to innovate management processes and drive workforce engagement by connecting with all of your team and smart technologies.


Smart Auditor™ Paired with Smart Glasses and Mobile

With the Gensuite Smart Auditor tool, you can access protocols, guidance and procedures hands-free with Smart Glasses and Mobile devices and tablets. Work online or live stream with a remote expert! Smart glasses offer remote guidance, video streaming and access to company databases via voice command. With remote auditing functionality, companies can eliminate the need to send auditors to actual sites – and enable on-site auditors to live stream inspections for second opinions and accountability.


For more information about how Gensuite is bringing smart technology to life, download a copy of the Gensuite Smart Technology Brief and contact a representative today. Combining the power of smart technologies with compliance and management processes can revitalize your workplace.



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