How EHS Software Can Solve The Automotive Industry Challenge

How EHS Software Can Solve The Automotive Industry Challenge

Automotive Industry Challenges

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, vehicles provide more features each year and even more electric-only cars emerge onto the scene. The companies that manufacture these vehicles must keep up-to-date with EHSQ compliance requirements as well as consumer demands. The assembly line experience, while also being a potential area for product defects, is major stage for work-related injury. According to EHS Today, “…[while] the process of assembling a car has become more technologically advanced, work in an auto plant remains a physically challenging job that carries a higher-than-normal risk of injury.” Workplace injury is an incredibly important issue to address for any company. This is especially true for the automotive industry. Vehicle manufacturing has double the workplace-related injury reports compared to the average. How can EHS software help solve these automotive industry challenges?

The Automotive Industry Challenge

Industry specific challenges include staying up to date on several certification needs, such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and OHSAS 18001 & OSHA VPP certifications.


The EHS Software Solution

EHS software combats the increased risk of injury as well as the chances of defects and compliance issues. EHS software can alleviate the issues that affect the automotive assembly line. For instance, increasing communication between workers and management as well as strengthening the information collected in the field. This means a defect on the assembly line can be caught before the product is sent out to consumers. Therefore, preventing recalls and saving your company money.

In addition, EHS software makes compliance easier. From keeping track of your environmental emissions to staying in compliance with ever-changing regulations, EHS software is there to keep your company aligned.


The Gensuite Solution

With Gensuite, you can equip your company with the software solutions to meet your company’s EHS needs.

Inspection Tool and Continuous Improvement are a set of applications trusted by some of the worlds top brands to conduct and track inspections as well as identifying issues to provide corrective and preventative actions.

To meet the needs of environmental regulations, AirLog is built with the tools to track your compliance requirements as well as assign responsibilities to employees so they can monitor and record any of your company’s emissions.

These tools are made even more powerful with the use of Mobile. Mobile means you can communicate with your employees no matter where your schedule takes you. This also give your onsite workers the ability to provide information to the team quickly and efficiently. This means checking equipment during a scheduled audit or providing updates to a given task as they happen.

Companies including KAR Auction Services, a global company who handles the needs of 17,500 employees, rely on the power of Gensuite’s line of software solutions. James Walker, Director of EHS at KAR Auction Services had this to say,

“Gensuite was a major find for KAR and very welcomed… the entire team have exceeded expectation set and we really appreciate their hard work. I am very excited for this addition into KAR’s EH&S program and look forward to building the business relationship.”

Join business like KAR Auction Services and see what Gensuite can do for you and your automotive industry needs.


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