Your Guide to Energy Management Software

Your Guide to Energy Management Software

Your Guide to Energy Management Software

Sustainability has become an essential component in today’s business, especially when it comes to reducing your company’s carbon footprint. How can companies identify trends in consumption, costs, and emissions? Deploying energy management software, enables streamlined sustainability, from the establishment of an energy/ resource footprint to validation of goals and performance. Is your company ready to gain a competitive edge and implement energy management software? Here is a Gensuite guide to understanding energy management software:

What is Energy Management Software?

An energy management system (EMS) provides tools for reducing energy costs, emissions and consumption. EMS collects data and uses it for reporting, monitoring and engagement.

The Benefits of Energy Management Software.

Why is it important to implement EMS? For starters, it can identify conservation opportunities, estimate costs, and resource savings and track your company’s sustainability footprint. Implementing an effective EMS can help your company define resource cost conservation goals, track progress and measure the impact of energy/resource reduction projects. In addition, your company will transform its energy and sustainability initiatives.

What should companies look for in Energy Management Software?

With rapid advancements and a continuous rate of change in the field, sustainability and energy professionals have a notoriously difficult time knowing what products to choose to help their companies increase energy, environmental, and sustainability performance. There are many solutions to choose from when selecting EMS software. Here is a checklist to help you compare solutions:

  • What are the platform’s target functionalities?
  • How will your employees engage with each other while using this platform?
  • Are there reporting and analytics capabilities?
  • Is the vendor investing in emerging technologies? You want to deploy EMS software that will grow with you into the future.

Gensuite Sustainability and Energy Management Software helps asset and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Our integrated solution encompasses each aspect of your corporate sustainability program- from an establishment of an energy/resource footprint, through tracking conservation project, to validation of goals and performance.

Recently, Gensuite was named a winner in the 2017 Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards for our Sustainability & Energy Management program solutions. Gensuite’s Sustainability & Energy Management program solutions enable users to identify risk points, create a plan for improvement and quantify and compare site improvement opportunities, providing transparency within the company and to the community.

There are many things to consider when choosing an energy management software to fit your business needs. Use this guide as you search for the best software, so your company can have consistent results, prevent mistakes and ultimately save money. To learn more about Gensuite Energy Management Software download our program brief.


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