Go Paperless with Audit Assistance Software

Go Paperless with Audit Assistance Software

Imagine a workplace where pens, papers and filing cabinets are no longer needed for audit assurance. No clutter, anxiety, or risk of non-compliance.

Thanks to innovations in EHS software, you can use Gensuite’s Inspection Tool for just that! Inspection Tool facilitates an automated inspection process that does away with pen and paper transcription. Using our audit assistance software, auditors can create custom inspection checklists, assign inspection teams, schedule inspections, and track their progress.

Using Inspection Tool

One of Gensuite’s subscribers, an American media and entertainment company, completed over 10,000 inspections last year using the Gensuite Inspection Tool for fire extinguishers at one of their amusement parks. Additionally, this same park completed 12,000 eye wash inspections, nearly 5,000 waste inspections, and 1,000 housekeeping inspections, among others.

“It’s difficult to run reports to define trends with data managed in filing cabinets. The Gensuite Inspection Tool does all of that for us!”

Technology today allows companies to collect more data than ever, often more data than a single person or team can analyze in a reasonable amount of time. That’s where Gensuite’s Insights & Analytics come in handy. Your data talks, and our software translates.

Inspection Tool performs trend analysis using real-time dashboards and reports. Gensuite Insights & Analytics are key to interpreting the data your company is collecting every day. Leverage data to improve your programs, and increase safety. Gensuite Inspection Tool also integrates with Gensuite’s Action Tracking System, allowing companies to manage corrective action plans, responsibility assignments, and track corrective actions to completion.

This company transformed their system using Gensuite Inspection Tool, made it more manageable and integrated it with other Gensuite tools to keep track of over 400 eye wash stations and over 2,500 pieces of fire equipment. So auditors, inspectors, and EHS site leaders no longer have to scribble inspection notes on paper.

“The Gensuite Inspection Tool saves us time and space. We’ve replaced numerous filing cabinets (not to mention the time to file!) with a searchable, digitized repository of inspection data,” said one subscriber.

Join 55,000+ Mobile Gensuite Users

Inspection Tool is Mobile-enabled on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows devices. By going mobile, there’s no need to lug around laptops or pen and paper during audits! It eliminates the chance of losing the paper notes, speeds up the process, and is environmentally friendly!

We’ve been investing in Mobile technology for over 10 years, ensuring that you have everything you need in the palm of your hand. EHS management doesn’t happen behind a desk, so our software goes where you do. Download the Gensuite application, and maintain your safety and compliance needs on-the-go.

Go Paperless Today

Gensuite Audit & Compliance software offers a full suite of applications to streamline and simplify regulatory compliance inspection processes – all while utilizing a collaborative digital approach. Gensuite offers full Mobile compatibility, enabling in-the-field audits, online and offline. Over 55,000 users are using Mobile in the field, receiving real-time data updates and collaborating instantly. Go Mobile today.

Want to learn more about how Gensuite’s Inspection Tool can streamline the audit process for your sites? Contact us to schedule a free demo, and discuss Inspection Tool today.



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