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EHS & Sustainability Ready SDS System Application

About Ready

The Gensuite Ready Instance is an award-winning out-of-the-box solution for safety, risk, environmental and regulatory compliance needs. This plug and play system is perfectly made for small to medium size enterprises with a limited number of sites or smaller organizational footprint.

EHS Benefits system Software


Launch quickly – Start using Gensuite READY at your site(s) in as little as 2-4 weeks

Digitize business – Select from an array of applications to match site operating profile & business process priorities, e.g., compliance, incident management, chemical management, training, environmental, safety, sustainability, and quality

Compliance focused – Country-specific configurations to match compliance requirements, e.g., US, UK, India, China, Australia

EHS Features Application System Software


Affordable – typical site deployment ranging at $10K in first-year service costs for setup, launch and support (incident, obligation and corrective action management); and lower ongoing annual service proportional to user group tiers (e.g., <25 users, 25-50 users, etc.)

Pre-configured applications based on industry best practices

Ideal solution for individual sites and small/medium-size businesses; and for validation pilots in large enterprises

Compliance Assurance

Promote regulatory compliance and accountability with integrated task management, auditing, and corrective action tracking and reporting

Compliance Calendar

Action Tracking System

Inspection Tool

Audit Assistant

Incident Management

Track and manage concerns, incidents, events and more with simple, intuitive workflows, root cause analysis, and real-time trending and reporting

Initial Injury Reports

Incidents & Measurements

Concern Reporting

Training Compliance

Assign, analyze, and report status on employee/worker training requirements & completion with session scheduling and reminders. Integrate training content.

Training Calendar

My Training Tracker

Site & Permit Tracking

Track and map global facilities, including compliance and operational characteristics, permit requirements, and more


Permit Manager

Safety Management

Proactively manage risks by capturing and trending safety observations and follow up, by risk category and behavior/condition

Safety Observations

Chemical Management

Simplify hazard communication, environmental reporting and identify and view GHS Compliant SDSs

SDS System

Dashboards & Data Analytics

Rollup program performance real-time with cross-app integrated reporting & data mining. View facilities in geographic mapping interface.

Gensuite Insights

Built-In Reporting & Data Mining


Specialized Process

Enable file sharing, document management, and control across your businesses’ site(s)

Doc Manager


Learn More About How Your Organization Can:


Plug into the comprehensive Gensuite solution


Deploy the system as quickly as 4-6 weeks


Extend and evolve your programs continuously

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