Gensuite Volunteers Travel to Africa to Help Foster Student & Community Education

Gensuite Volunteers Travel to Africa to Help Foster Student & Community Education

Did you know some of the world’s highest rates of education crisis can be found in sub-Saharan Africa?  “Yet those who need education the most – children living in poverty – are least likely to attend and complete school,” states buildOn, a global non-profit organization working to impact the global education crisis. The un-balanced educational system found throughout many third-world countries prevents children from receiving the opportunities they are capable of.

At Gensuite, we are committed to empowering health and safety worldwide, through our software and philanthropic efforts. We have a deep passion for youth education, particularly within underserved communities. Many external forces shape the individuals we become, but education has a significant impact on the opportunities we have access to. Gensuite collaborated with Infinite Chance, a global non-profit organization, to empower children through resource distribution needed for their success. Now we are excited to be collaborating with buildOn to drive the same passion of furthering education for children and youth. We recognize this global education crisis and are working towards making a meaningful difference in the lives of students and community members. BuildOn is not a charity, it’s a movement. This organization works with urban youth to transform neighborhoods in the U.S. and build schools in remote villages with limited access to education. The buildOn Trek Program is an opportunity for companies to travel to a remote village and volunteer in the construction of a school. Through a team-wide effort, Gensuite raised $30,000 to support a school in Malawi, Africa. We are excited to be sending two purpose-driven volunteers, Jessica Button and Yanshie Bahuguana, to Malawi from August 11th – 17th to participate in this life-changing cause.

I sat down with Jess, our Senior Events Specialist, to hear her thoughts about this trip of a lifetime. She is eager to get to Malawi and to make a difference in their education system. One of the aspects she is most excited for is the cultural workshops. One element that sets buildOn apart is the emphasis on meaningful collaboration – meaning that this trip will not be a vacation. Half of each day will be dedicated to hands-on construction for the school and the other half will be spent learning about the local community.  “I am interested to learn about the daily lives of the women who live there and what it is like. One day we will actually have the chance to carry baskets on our heads and go down to the river, just like the women who live there,” she told me. Jess has dipped her toes into the water with other philanthropic organizations before, but never has had the chance to travel and see first-hand the way of life there. She hopes to gain an appreciation for what she has in her hometown and a better understanding of others in different situations.

Yanshie, a Lead Business Analyst, is equally as excited about, “exploring a new place, people, and culture.” She is very passionate about education and feels that access to education is a birth right, that “every human being (child or adult) should have an opportunity to receive basic education and to develop as a person.” She expressed how her greatest concern is effectively communicating with the individuals she will be serving alongside. She is hopeful that she and Jess will be able to communicate through actions, rather than strictly using words. Yanshie is also hoping to gain more appreciation for diversity, inclusion, and opportunities she has had and to grow as an individual.

Gensuite is dedicated to making an impact on the global education crisis by empowering children with the tools and resources needed to thrive, and both Jess and Yanshie expressed their gratitude to be working for a company that prioritizes worldwide collaboration. Everyone at Gensuite is looking forward to sending Jess and Yanshie off on their trip next month! We wish them the best of luck on this journey and cannot wait to learn all that they accomplished once they safely arrive home.

Stay up-to-date on our two volunteer’s send-off, trip, and arrival back in the U.S. through Gensuite’s social media. 


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