Gensuite Today: Revolutionized. Redesigned. Recharged.

Gensuite Today: Revolutionized. Redesigned. Recharged.

to refresh or revive; to restore or bring new energy and enthusiasm to something

In 2017, Gensuite announced its greatest User Experience Initiative to date – the Gensuite App Recharge. And this year, we delivered on that commitment. Today, our software offers the same innovative, best-practice driven solutions that our reputation is built upon, now with a refreshed & streamlined user experience.


Gensuite Today: Revolutionized. Redesigned. Recharged.

215+ Gensuite Team Members. 1,700+ User Submitted Inputs. 70+ App Modules Recharged.

 App Recharge was an opportunity for the Gensuite team to reconnect and recommit to the values that inspired CEO & Founder, R Mukund to create the first Gensuite application in the late ‘90s: continuous improvement, rapid evolution, and frontier innovation.

We’re passionate about what we do, and “recharging” our software, system-wide was a vital element in our ongoing commitment to evolve to meet and exceed customers’ needs – ensuring that Gensuite is a single-version, cloud-based software solution built to last a lifetime.


But if you’re new to the Gensuite Community, you might be asking, “What IS App Recharge?”

In a few words: Recharge is a system-wide upgrade and revitalization of the core application modules that 1,000,000+ active users rely on for compliance & management systems excellence. Every application module’s evolution is unique, but these are the five key areas Recharge focused on:


  • Leading-edge look & feel + enhanced functionality
  • Modern browser/device compatibility & responsiveness
  • Fast-loading pages, consistent design
  • System-wide upgrade – every app in every program area/function served by Gensuite
  • Driven by feedback & priorities from Gensuite User Surveys


But don’t take it from us, see what Gensuite users are saying:

“The new interface is neat, easy to view, and user-friendly!” 

Health & Safety Manager

Cosmetics Manufacturing Company


“Flawless victory!”

Senior Security Analyst

Fulfillment Services


“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. This interface is good.”

EHS Leader

Aviation Company


Recharge Next: the Next Chapter of Gensuite Innovation and Evolution

As we continue to invest in the future of tech today, Gensuite teams are excited to deliver our next big initiative, Recharge Next. This next chapter of Gensuite innovation and evolution is to refresh, refactor, and further Recharge our solutions to continuously enrich and expand functionality and improve our user experience.

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Reflecting on Recharge, Frontier Tech, and the Gensuite Subscriber Community

2018 was a standout year for Gensuite. Our global team grew by 57% (now spanning 11 global offices in 8 countries!) and we announced our 1,000,000th Gensuite User.

But more than anything else, 2018 was a big year for Frontier Tech and innovation. In addition to undertaking the Recharge initiative, we announced Genny™ – the first ever virtual assistant designed with EHS professionals in mind, and introduced our newly revamped Gensuite Analytics – an advanced, user friendly data visualization tool created in partnership with Tableau®.


Are you ready to meet the new Gensuite? Experience the difference today!



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