Gensuite Presents at OSHA New England General Industry Roundtable

Gensuite Presents at OSHA New England General Industry Roundtable

Gensuite OSHA Roundtable Presentation

The rapid progression and impact of Covid-19 has undoubtedly shifted the focus for organizations around the globe – namely to manage and mitigate workplace pandemic-associated risks while attempting to maintain operational continuity. Over the course of the past 11 weeks, Gensuite has facilitated a weekly Covid-19 Collaboration Workgroup to bring together Gensuite’s leadership team with our subscriber and partner communities and industry thought leaders with a platform to share ongoing challenges, good practices, experiences, tools and resources.

On May 27th, Gensuite’s Amanda Petzinger, Sr. Director of Growth & Customer Experience, had the honor of presenting the key takeaways from these workgroup sessions and sharing the advancements in the tools that Gensuite has been working on over the course of the past few months during the OSHA New England General Industry Roundtable. This roundtable session connects companies around the New England area as well as employees from U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to share guidance, best practices along with new and developing trends to foster safer and more healthful American workplaces. While this event was initially hosted on a monthly basis, it has now shifted to be held weekly to accommodate questions, challenges, provide extended pandemic-related knowledge to incorporate in their safety and management programs.

Steve Gauthier has worked with Gensuite for over 40 years as an employee and EHS professional of the General Electric (GE) company. He has substantial experience from being an OSHA Special Government Employee (SGE) and conducting Safety Management System audits for companies that are certified or would like to become Voluntary Protection Program companies. Following his retirement from GE in 2017, Steve was approached by OSHA Training Center at Keene State College to provide instructional training regarding OSHA’s regulatory standards and compliance. After attending several of Gensuite’s Covid-19 Collaboration Workgroup webinars, he extended an invitation to the Gensuite team to co-host one of the May roundtable sessions. Steve states, “Gensuite has developed a variety of resources over time which were designed specifically to overcome company’s challenges. With solutions for tracking, robust reporting, and more – organizations can continue to operate and improve their operational EHS SMS with the right tools for managing workplace health and safety while also remaining compliant with Federal and State OSHA regulations.”

The Gensuite team provided an hour and a half informative overview of key takeaways from the first 8 weeks of our Covid-19/Pandemic Collaboration Workgroup to an audience of 120+ industry leaders. Amanda also showcased Gensuite’s rapid response in designing Pandemic Response Management Applications highlighting the value of implementing a robust and agile EHS&S digital management platform that can extend and conform to include new business risks and operational drivers. Among some of the resources and takeaways that were shared included the Pandemic Exposure Event & Contact Log, regulatory guidelines & updates, and a heat map overlay of confirmed COVID-19 cases utilizing data from Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. Other covered topics included practices and guidelines for return to work, latest regulatory agency guidelines and resources, policy examples and planning checklists, and digital best-practice solutions for managing operational COVID-19 risk and mitigation in the workplace.

Through hosting these weekly webinars, our subscribers and partners are offered valuable platform for idea and experience sharing.  Initiated in late March 2020, the workgroup has now welcomed speakers from all industries and experts in topics from biosafety to nutrition, with over 1,585 attendees over the past three months contributing to the dialogue. Furthermore, it has also disseminated many helpful best practices and workplace solutions for managing and mitigating the risks and impacts stemming from this pandemic and reopening of business operations. “Hosting these weekly sessions in our community and sharing our key learnings with a broader audience makes me feel like I’m doing my part for the greater good,” Amanda Petzinger explains. ”It’s so easy to feel helpless and despair during this time. It’s been rewarding to hear the feedback and appreciation we’ve received from members of our subscriber community about how much they’ve valued the service we’ve provided in coordinating these workgroup calls.”

Gensuite champion Michael Vigezzi, Sr. Manager – NA Service Centers & EHS Leader at ABB Inc., states, “I try to get on this call whenever I can to hear and to interact with everyone. There is no proprietary information when it comes to EHS, especially for something like this. Sharing best practices, being able to gain information…this helps us go back to our leadership teams and be able to talk and drive the EHS processes.”  Gensuite’s Covid-19 Collaboration Workgroup calls take place each Friday at 10AM ET and at the request of our attendees have been extended until the end of June; beginning in July, these sessions will be held on a monthly basis. Contact us to join the discussion and learn more about our tools and resources.


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