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Gensuite Global Giving
Gensuite’s Global Giving program was developed to expand beyond the practical environmental, health and safety, and sustainability impacts our applications have on organizations and communities. Our program was built to enhance the lives of our team and the lives of individuals in underserved communities.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World.

Our Causes – Driven by Employees

Gensuite We Serve

Gensuite Global Giving 2020

Annual Philanthropy Program

Gensuite Educational Initiatives
2020 Educational Initiatives
  • Infinite Chance
  • Project Beyond – Trade School commitment for 3 boys
  • Adopt a Class
  • UC Scholarship Program
Gensuite Volunteer Initiatives
2020 Volunteer Initiatives
  • Donation Matching Program
  • The Villedge
  • Team Volunteer Day
  • Ongoing Annual/Adhoc Events
  • Volunteers days, charity walks, Thanksgiving drive, adopt a family, natural disaster funding, etc.


The core of Gensuite starts with our employees – that’s why we understand the importance of empowering and celebrating our unique cultures collectively with a strong well-being program. We continuously seek new strategies to engage with each other, our teams, and the community.

Culture is Simply a Shared Way of Doing Something with a Passion.

Building Sustainable Workplaces

It’s our mission to create a sustainable workplace for our employees through the employee wellness program.

Life at Gensuite

As a global company, we celebrate and connect our cultures every day all across the globe.


At Gensuite, we’re problem-solvers. We understand that knowledge solves some of the world’s toughest problems, which is why we’re committed to increasing access to education and continued learning opportunities. We recognize that our own technological innovations are a direct result of the educational opportunities afforded to us.

Education Increases Opportunity.
Opportunity Empowers Individuals.
Individuals Change Communities.
Community Changes the World.

Make a Change

While the math is not simple, collectively we can take action to initiate change.

Education & Opportunity

Learn more about how Gensuite opens doors for education access.



$15,184 for Charities

In 2019, our global team raised $15,184 for charities and organizations at each of our global locations. Along with our global donation efforts, select Gensuite employees helped build a school in Malawi.

$38,367 for Charities

In 2018, our global teams raised over $36,947 for charities and organizations globally. The Gensuite team also donated computers and laptops, adopted a family, and provided Thanksgiving boxes to those in need.


$23,000 for Charities

In 2017, our global team raised nearly $23,000 for charities and organizations at each of our global locations.

$15,000 for Charities

In 2016, our global team raised nearly $15,000 for charities and organizations at each of our global locations.


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