A Dream Grows in Guatemala: Gensuite Partners with Infinite Chance to Sponsor Students’ Education & Help Build New Technology Center

A Dream Grows in Guatemala: Gensuite Partners with Infinite Chance to Sponsor Students’ Education & Help Build New Technology Center

Infinite Chance

What kids learn today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. Did you know that approximately 50 million school-age children aren’t learning basic reading or math, and only 40% of children in low to middle-income countries are on track to gain the skills needed for today’s workforce? Gensuite (compliance and management software solution provider) and Infinite Chance (a global non-profit organization) are working together to change that scenario by empowering children with the tools and infrastructure needed to succeed.

Our Commitment to Service

Infinite Chance

In 2018, Gensuite raised $35,000 through fundraising activities to support charities across the world. Team members made this huge accomplishment possible through fundraising efforts and support. At Gensuite, we’re passionate givers. Employees generously give various contributions to help those in need. Our mission is to collaborate and create positive change for the communities around us.

The Infinite Chance Story

Infinite Chance

In 2018, Infinite Chance was formalized into an organization, by Founder and President Daniela Weaver. Daniela was first inspired to help communities in need during her 2011 trip to Guatemala. While visiting, she stumbled upon Hogar Miguel Magone, a shelter for abandoned or neglected children in Guatemala. After that, she began recruiting groups of volunteers to make trips to Guatemala to donate items and work on community projects.

Today, the organization regularly makes trips to Guatemala. Volunteers not only become involved with helping the local community, but can also explore the country through planned tours of sites such as trips to Lake Atitlán, making it a truly immersive experience. Gensuite is proud to support this growing organization.


Infinite Chance

“Thank you to the entire Gensuite team for all of the support you have already given us and for everything you will be doing in the future! Crazy, far out dreams we had when we founded Infinite Chance are quickly becoming realities thanks to you all. I speak for the all of children of the Hogar Miguel Magone community in Guatemala and the entire Infinite Chance team when I say that words could never fully express our gratitude,” says Daniela.


Our Involvement & Partnership


Infinite Chance Infinite Chance

Last year, Gensuite Senior Product Developer, Aaron Mott introduced us to the Infinite Chance organization. Aaron is an innovative leader at Gensuite, and a Vice President of Infinite Chance. With his coordination, our team donated over 7,000 toothbrushes to a children’s home in Guatemala during the holidays.

Gensuite & Infinite Chance


In 2019, Gensuite partnered with Infinite Chance, to support the Project Beyond initiative. Project Beyond is designed for high school students, giving them the opportunity to further their education and acquire job skills and technical training, that will help them transition into adulthood. In addition to attending regular high school classes during the week, students will attend trade school in their chosen fields on the weekends and be expected to take on more responsibilities at home.

To support Project Beyond, Gensuite donated computers and accessories to build a new Technology Center for the Hogar Miguel Magone community and sponsored four students to attend a 2-year trade school program.

Gensuite looks forward to tracking the success of these four young men, and future projects with Infinite Chance to help communities thrive. To learn more about Infinite Chance, visit their website or contact Daniela directly at [email protected]

Project Beyond


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