Gensuite: Inception, Evolution & Today

Gensuite: Inception, Evolution & Today

As we reflect on 2016 experiences and formulate plans for 2017, Gensuite has been doing the same, taking our experiences and learning from them to continue product innovation, team development and customer service, all while remembering our roots! Whether you’re a newcomer to or a veteran of the Gensuite subscribers community, we thought you might find it interesting to read about our journey, from inception to evolution.

The cloud-based compliance and business management applications that are at the core of Gensuite were first conceived as fledgling applications by R Mukund, Gensuite Founder & current CEO. He began programming them after joining the General Electric Company in 1997. Mukund was an Air & Compliance Assurance Program Manager at a GE industrial business (then GE Power Systems, today’s GE Power) when he and a small team of EHS managers – including me (Natasha Porter) in several progressive Compliance Assurance and Program roles – started to develop Web applications to help enable key compliance processes, from auditing and corrective action tracking, to job safety analysis and MSDS management.

The first applications launched were today’s Action Tracking System, Compliance Calendar and Power Audit Tool. These core Compliance Assurance solutions are still widely used by Gensuite subscribers today, a testament to their need and value to EHS and operational stakeholders. The suite of tools took the name “GE PowerSuite.” The tools were first deployed under GE Power Systems from 1997-99, but then were adopted by other General Electric businesses from early 2000 onwards for managing EHS, and eventually Security, Supplier Risk, Quality, Product Stewardship and other organizational compliance functions.

In 2010, Mukund, myself, and a team of EHS and IT professionals left General Electric to start-up Gensuite LLC and to market Gensuite® applications globally under license from GE! Gensuite LLC was recognized in its first year by the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Fast 55 as the fastest growing company in the area.

Gensuite Today
Today, Gensuite is comprised of 65+ applications across EHS & Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship functions. Our products are used by 500,000+ users in over 120 countries! The Gensuite team has offices in 7 different countries, including the U.S., India, Mexico, China, Canada, the U.K. and Australia. With a team 250+ strong and over 18 years of applications experience across industry operating profiles, Gensuite provides best-in-class products and services to EHS software and Sustainability teams worldwide.

The core of Gensuite’s mission is to constantly evolve our products and services by listening to our subscribers, partners and industry experts. 2017 will prove no different, as the team plans to introduce new functionality and revisit old tools. In 2017, Gensuite subscribers can expect the integration of game-changing technologies from Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT to expanded mobile capabilities. All of these advances will help compliance professionals and process owners complete their work more efficiently, and even hands-free!

Gensuite began as a focused suite of 3 applications and quickly grew to 65+. With exciting new launches in 2017, it’s nice to reflect on how far we have come. We’d like to take this time to say cheers to the entire Gensuite subscriber community for another year full of collaboration and innovation in the books, and to more EHS software innovations to come. Now we ask – tell us about your years past, present, and those ahead – we welcome your comments and feedback!


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