Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed [May 2018]

Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed [May 2018]

Each month, we recap trending industry news and interesting online EHS resources for our monthly blog round-up! Here are the top 5 blog articles that caught our attention in May. Enjoy!


What’s the Real Cost of a Worker’s Life?

While safety is a concern for every company out there, some companies are finding workarounds in regard to reporting and labeling workplace incidents.


Safety Wearables: Their Impact and Future

Wearables in the workplace are already becoming more commonplace. See how they’re used today and how their place in the market is changing in the future.


Bottled Water and the Damage Done: Coping With Plastic Pollution

Bottled water continues to be the most popular beverage sold in the U.S. In response, companies are finding their own ways to respond to the growing environmental concern these disposable plastics cause.


Illegal Gold Undermines Ghana’s Thriving Cocoa Industry

Gold and cocoa are not usually thought of as competing resources, but in Ghana, the world’s leader in both, they are. See how illegal gold miners are creating hardships for cocoa farmers and it’s sustainability.


Using Chemical Management Software to Improve Communications & Prevent Incidents

Safety in any field is critical, and the companies that manage high-risk chemicals face unique challenges. See how EHS tools can assist your chemical management and prevent disaster.


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