Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed [July 2018]

Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed [July 2018]

Each month, we recap trending industry news and interesting online EHS resources for our monthly blog round-up! This July saw a continued focus on safety from the momentum from National Safety Month in June as well as an exciting development in sustainability. Enjoy some of our favorite articles from this month!


 47 Workers are Injured per Hour in Mexico

47 people in Mexico are injured every hour while on the job. If we don’t start taking workplace hazards more seriously, this number is only going to increase in 2018.


Ireland Could Be First Nation to Divest from Fossil Fuels

Ireland is divesting from fossil fuels. A new bill that is coming as soon as this year is “send[ing] a clear message from the people of Ireland” that no longer want to see further investment in non-renewable resources.


UK Sets Public Sector Emissions Reduction Target Of 43%

By the end of 2020, the UK’s emissions should be reduced based on this recent goal set. This ambitious target can only be met if big plans are enacted and met in next two years.


Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

With all of the pressure put on construction workers to get their jobs done faster to meet deadlines, safety can, unfortunately, take a backseat and lead to accidents and injuries. Learn how to manage your construction workers to ensure their safety into the summer months.


Leading and Lagging Indicators: How to Measure Workplace Safety to Reduce Workplace Incidents

How do you measure safety in your workplace to enhance performance and reduce employee downtime? Learn more about how leading and lagging indicators can help improve your safety performance by downloading the free white paper from Gensuite.



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