Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed (January)

Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed

Each month, we recap trending industry news and interesting online EHS resources for our monthly blog round-up! Enjoy some of our favorite articles from this month for our January edition of Gensuite’s EHS & Sustainability Feed.

Brazil Orders Safety Upgrades After Deadly Dam Collapse

Brazil’s National Water Agency (ANA) and the National Mining Agency (ANM) must prioritize inspections of dams that they classify as high risk or potentially high risk, according to a Jan. 29 Environment Ministry statement.

India’s Relaxed Coastal Protections Rattle Environmentalists

A change to India’s coastal policies meant to boost local economies could spell disaster for the communities whose livelihood depends on healthy marine ecosystems, according to several groups.

Deadly Lion Attack Highlights Zoo Worker Safety

Zoos must figure out how safety practices work with unpredictable animal and human behavior, zoo professionals told Bloomberg Law.

China Floats Plan for Chemical Management, Like Europe’s

A proposed chemical regulation could impose additional requirements for companies that manufacture, process, use, import, or export new and existing chemical substances into China.

Does your workplace have a severe weather policy?

All this severe weather potential raises the question: Should workplaces have severe weather policies?

Atlanta Declared ‘No Drone Zone’ During Super Bowl LIII Events

The FAA will establish a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) on game day that will prohibit drones within a 30-nautical-mile radius of the stadium, up to 17,999 feet in altitude.

Make the Best of Your New Year’s Resolution with Gensuite (Infographic)

It’s always a shock when a new year rolls around. But as much as it is a reminder of the time passing us by, a new year is also when we strive for big changes in our lives. Maybe that means making goals to eat healthier, finally utilize that gym membership you keep forgetting you have, or maybe attempting to pick up that guitar collecting dust in the basement. A new year is great for personal growth, but what can it mean for your business?






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