Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed (August)

Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed (August)

Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed

Each month for the Gensuite EHS & Sustainability Feed, we recap trending industry news and interesting online EHS resources for our monthly blog round-up! Enjoy some of our favorite articles from this month!

With Lawsuits, New Jersey Signals Tougher Stance on the Environment

In an effort to hold large corporations accountable, the New Jersey commissioner for the Department of Environmental Protection recently announced that they will begin enforcing lawsuits against companies who have polluted their environment. Read the full article here. 

Why Are Our Clothes So Bad For the Environment?

It turns out that sometimes, even the clothes on our backs can be detrimental to our environment! Read how the microfibers in our clothing are impacting our waters and food supply. Read the full article here. 

Staying Ahead of Risks During Disasters

Unfortunately for many organizations, preparations for natural disasters are not always a top priority, leading to confusion and workplace vulnerabilities if something were to occur. See how you can prepare and make workplace safety a priority. Read the full article here. 

Take Matters into Your Own Hands: Understanding Hand Injuries in the Workplace

The number one cause of hand injuries is thanks to distracted workers. See how, with the right tools at their disposal, hand injuries can be a thing of the past. Read the full article here. 

Asbestos: An “Inextinguishable Material’s Destructive U.S. History

Asbestos is a word many people hear, but do not fully understand. See what our amazing guest blogger, Robin Tucker, has to say about the history and danger of this still used substance. Read the full article here. 



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