Gensuite China – Seeing the Change that Innovation Brings

Gensuite China – Seeing the Change that Innovation Brings

Even on a rainy day, the sun shines through Gensuite innovation. This year at the Regional Gensuite Conference in Shanghai, the Gensuite China team partnered up with ENVFirst Consulting (EFC), to bring new and exciting ideas to our subscribers. Of course, like all of our other regional conferences, it gave us the opportunity to learn from our subscribers and get a better sense of the EHS environment in our region by looking through the eyes of the industry leaders who use our products.


With all of the excitement surrounding this day, we weren’t going to let a little rain slow us down. Even though the weather was less than ideal on the day of our conference, we were still able to entertain representatives from over 45 different companies, all of whom were existing subscribers or potential prospects ready to experience the latest innovations from Gensuite.


As our guests were putting their umbrellas away and began to gather inside, we were able to begin our conference and start the day with questions, discussions and new ideas. Those discussions would lead to amazing learning experiences that we can only get when we collect the brightest leaders from a myriad of industries under one roof.


To put the emotions of the room into one word, I would call our attendees (and myself included) excited. We’ve been finding new ways to work in and improve the EHS initiatives for global companies since the 90’s, but with the recent advent of new technologies being improved upon faster than ever, we’re starting to see some really innovative ideas become a part of our subscriber’s workplace solutions. While smartphones have only been around for about 10 years, we’re already looking towards new technologies like virtual assistants and wearables to improve workplace safety and medical programs.


To tackle the virtual assistant needs, Gensuite’s new AI, Genny™, has already been getting our English-speaking subscribers eager to find ways to explore it’s potential. And our demo had our audience interested in the technology and what it could do for their workflow. Our latest initiative into the realm of Smart Glasses has already been getting some of our subscribers interested to pilot early versions of Gensuite software solutions that take advantage of the technology.


Discussions like effective Gensuite implementation strategies or changes in the China region that are forcing us to adapt to new situations are plentiful at our regional conferences. How new regulations and technologies are changing the lives of our subscribers and what our company can do to contribute is why these conferences are so important to us. At Gensuite, we will continue to listen to the voices of our community, to continue to progress towards new innovations and new beginnings.


If you’re interested in seeing what unique Gensuite software solutions are able to do for your company, talk to one of our Gensuite experts and see what it means to join the Gensuite Subscriber Community. Interested to attend an event like the Regional Gensuite Conferences? See what events we’ll be holding and attending here!




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