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In the most recent (February 2017) EHS & Sustainability Software Survey conducted by the National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM), Gensuite received more customer reviews than any other EHS/Sustainability software provider. More impressively, in addition to receiving the most reviews, Gensuite also scored #1 or #2 across all key customer priorities. This vote of confidence reaffirms Gensuite’s commitment to service excellence, collaborative innovation and reliable partnership with their customers.

The number of NAEM survey respondents for each participating software provider ranged from a low of 3, a median of 7, and an impressive high of 35 (for Gensuite).

Providers were rated in the following service areas: speed of implementation, integration with other business IT, flexibility of user configuration, overall ease of use and overall customer service rating. Within these areas, NAEM requested survey respondents from within and outside its membership to grade their current software provider on a scale from extremely dissatisfied to extremely satisfied.

The above table compiles the individual user survey ratings for each provider by tabulating % satisfaction by software provider/service area as the ratio of the aggregate number of extremely satisfied and moderately satisfied (the two highest rating categories) to the total number of responses for the corresponding provider/service area.

Of the 35 survey respondents, Gensuite received its highest percentages for each category at the extremely satisfied level. Our drive for product innovation and customer service is powered truly by the passion and energy of our Gensuite champions!

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