Power Your Programs with Gensuite Analytics

Fully-Integrated with Every Gensuite Subscription

Bring your data to life with EHS reporting that drives cross-organizational, operational change. Do it with Gensuite Analytics (powered by Tableau®). Now you can bring data visualization to every stakeholder across your organization to deliver valuable insights and drive action.

Gensuite offers different analytics solutions to meet you where you are on your analytics journey to help bring your data to life – to make better and more-informed decisions.

360° of Gensuite Analytics

Simplified Out-of-the-Box Analytics Options for Every Business Need

Integrated Application Reporting

  • Easily review metrics & visuals within any Gensuite application
  • Perform robust data mining/filtering at each organizational level with various export methods

Instant Insights

  • Create personalized dashboards, monitor open actions across multiple applications, and conduct leading & lagging indicator analysis
  • Schedule one-time or reoccurring email notifications of your personalized dashboard

Gensuite Analytics & Tableau®

  • View and share 60+ pre-designed Tableau reports developed by the Gensuite Data Science Team
  • Filter reports by your unique needs & subscribe to receive modified report on set frequency
  • Generate organizational performance/KPI reports through Business Reporter, Cockpit, or Tableau-powered EHS analytics

What Are Gensuite Subscribers Saying About Our Analytics?

A Word from Max Rutz, Director of Safety Strategy & Optimization, Delta Global Services

Without Analytics

Users: “Culture is built through a feedback loop – without analytics, users can take action in Gensuite but can’t see results.”

Leaders: “Without live analytics, metrics are mal-nurtured and owned by EHS leaders.”

With Analytics

Users & Leaders: “Data is democratized! Live analytics built into Gensuite, means data is owned by and available to all users.”

Feature-Rich Capabilities & Benefits

Discover How Gensuite Can Empower Your EHS Analytics Program & Experience

Field Services

Engagement Made Easy

  • Build visualizations that are interactive and engaging that can be leveraged organization-wide
  • Dynamic drill-down capabilities across all organization levels to deliver valuable insights and drive action
  • Consolidated and overlaid data from multiple program areas
Field Services

EHS Reporting Your Way

  • Out-of-the box reports for each Gensuite application – pre-built visuals and templates for cross-program and KPI analytics
  • Do you require custom metrics/visualizations? Take control with Tableau Designer and

Tech Innovations

  • Gensuite Analytics integrates with Tableau® reports to bring you powerful visualization tools
  • Create intelligent text analysis for actionable customer insights with word-cloud
  • Gensuite tag-it bot searches and pulls records across multiple datasets
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) component assists with incident reporting and analysis

Gensuite Analytics Powered by Tableau® Webinars:
Designer, Editor, and Overview

Happening Now

We are now offering a series of Gensuite Analytics Powered by Tableau® webinars covering everthing you need to know to maximize reporting through powerful visualizations! Whether you want to master Tableau Editor and/or Designer to design impactful reports, or gain insight into all things Gensuite Analytics, these sessions are for you! You will learn how to create new reports & edit standard template reports via our hands-on, interactive training sessions. Learn how to showcase your data using visualizations that tell the story you want to be shared.

Whether you work with social analytics, web analytics, customer data, or a mix of them all, Gensuite Analytics Powered by Tableau is flexible enough to meet your company’s EHS unique challenges and powerful enough to answer the most curious questions.

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