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Benefits & Features

  • Operationalize your reporting. Bring data visualization to every stakeholder across your organization to deliver valuable insights and drive action.
  • Build visually compelling reports. create reports that can be leveraged at every level of your organization in one place.
  • Gensuite meets you where you are. Power the analytics continuum from hindsight, insight, into foresight and create actionable insights along the way.
  • Gensuite reports – a new way of reporting. Users have access to a pre-built library to pick and choose your reporting. Don’t start from a blank sheet, denormalized data, components and dashboards – customize reports to your organizations’ needs.

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Without Analytics…


“Culture is built through a feedback loop – without analytics, users can take action in Gensuite but can’t see results.”


“Without live analytics, metrics/analytics are mal-nurtured and owned by EHS leaders (manually).

With Analytics…

Users & Leaders:

“Data is democratized! Live analytics built in to Gensuite means data is owned by and available to all users.”

Learn about Gensuite Analytics from the experts who work with it every day! Listen to our episode of the Voice of Gensuite podcast here.

Gensuite Analytics | Powered by Tableau®

Integrated into Every Application

Gensuite Analytics | Powered by Tableau

Analytics embedded in the core

Universal access to a pre-built library of denormalized data, components & dashboards.

Training for Editors and Designers to Create new visualizations reports.

Integrated data, warehouse, custom data sets & caching, multi-dimensional data feeds, etc.

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