Discover Genny the Virtual Assistant

Here to Assist & Simplify EHS Actions

Genny brings virtual assistant and artificial intelligence features to Gensuite users on both mobile and desktop. It is the first-ever enterprise compliance & management system that understands and speaks to you!
“Where can I find the SDS for this chemical? View my to-do list. How do I use the MOC tool? View recent incidents reported at my site.” Genny is your Gensuite expert to get what you need quickly via tap, type or speak!

Tap, Type, or Speak to Interact with Genny

80+ Actions – Across 8 Applications – Genny Can Perform!

Tap Genny


Interact with Genny
Type Genny


Chat with Genny
Speak Genny


Converse with Genny

Ask Genny to:

Show site incident briefing
Show to-do action list
Log a safety concern report
Search frequently asked questions
Display approved chemicals
And many more actions!

Tech for the Connected, Frontline Worker

Assist, Engage, Simplify, and Enable Processes and Actions

Let Genny support you and your team to innovate management processes and drive workforce engagement! Explore how Genny connects with you through its intuitive interface to help drive action.

Frontline Worker

Take Action Beyond the Screen

From Virtual Assistant to Augmented Reality & Smart Technology!

Genny Vision
Genny Smart Tech

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