Why Gensuite for
Frontier Technology?

Innovate for Maximum Benefits

Gensuite integrates leading-edge technology with compliance and management software systems, such as EHS&S, to deliver robust processes, best-practice sharing, data & knowledge bases, insights & decision support, and metrics & performance measures.

Together with Gensuite, let us intelligently enable frontier tech to transform compliance management systems to maximize enterprise value, and ensure a safe and healthy workplace!

Save Cost

Reduce Injuries

Drive Engagement

Increase Productivity

Frontier Tech Line-Up

Integrate for Even More Possibilities

Gensuite Mobile

Start with Mobile and Add-on Frontier Technology for Even More Value

Gensuite Mobile is available to every Gensuite user to help gather real-time data, accelerate issue resolution, and to enhance collaboration. Easily access the entire Gensuite application suite on your phone or tablet to stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

  • No internet? No problem! Gensuite Mobile connects to the apps that matter most to you in-the-field and on-the-go
  • Quickly look-up critical information, like Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or LOTO procedures, with QR code scanning capabilities
  • Enhance business productivity by accessing shared files and collaborating on apps and projects with a file upload feature

Ask Genny® the Virtual Assistant

Bring Your Compliance & Management Programs to Life

Simply tap, type or speak to Genny, making your programs and processes interactive and more efficient!

  • Scan surrounding environment & equipment with Mobile camera to access critical information using Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Take quick action by asking Genny to perform commands

Gensuite Smart Beacons

Bluetooth Proximity Devices Deliver Quick Insights

Gensuite Mobile detects and receives signals when in the proximity of a beacon to trigger certain alerts.

  • Receive notice about equipment inspections or actions needed in specific areas/departments
  • Receive hazard alerts about working in certain areas
  • Gain knowledge about equipment, such as forklifts

Smart Glasses

Hands-Free & Heads-Up Delivering Real-Time Guidance

Smart glasses help operators complete tasks more efficiently in the field with digital displays.

  • Access audit checklists, lookup regulations and log findings
  • Use QR scanning to access specific content quickly
  • Enable gesture and voice-controlled commands to interact with digital workflow

Gensuite Analytics

Power Decision-Making with Interactive Reports

Bring your data to life with reporting that drives cross-organizational, operational change.

  • Access a pre-built library of reports or customize to meet specific business needs
  • Create actionable insights with data that powers the analytics continuum from hindsight, insight, into foresight

Gensuite Analytics | Powered by Tableau® Business Case

Genny brings virtual assistant & artificial intelligence features to Gensuite users.

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Gensuite Mobile

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Gensuite Basics

Genny® Virtual Assistant

Genny brings virtual assistant & artificial intelligence features to Gensuite users.

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