From Pie-in-the-Sky to on Your Shop Floor – Introducing the Latest Gensuite Technologies

Have you ever considered the idea of having robots for Environmental, Health and Safety programs? We aren’t talking about the machine learning overlords that Elon Musk warns us of. We mean artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline everyday EHS tasks—for example, a full EHS briefing only an ask away. Technologies like AI, wearables and more are making jobs easier in so many industries, and EHS is no different.

Of course, this movement towards aligning tech with everyday work life has been met with apprehension by EHS leaders: “How much will it cost? How will we train? I don’t have experience with this technology.” And the truth is, we had the same exact concerns. But we realized that the benefits far outweigh any hesitations in question. Those born after 1990 can hardly remember a world pre-internet—a technology that has massively changed the way we live. Could you imagine your life today without it? At Gensuite, our motto is built on delivering continuous product evolution, and to us that means creating the next generation of EHS solutions that are a must-have in your future. That’s why we’ve chosen to be the first to explore these technologies, so we can bring you the best there is to offer. And, because we have a head start, we’ve already worked out any kinks that come with early adoption, making the transition a breeze.

Are you ready to land these pie-in-the-sky EHS software concepts on your shop floor? Here are 2 of the latest Gensuite technologies and how they can transform the way you work:

Meet Genny™, Your EHS Helper!

EHS&S professionals are responsible for managing and addressing workplace risks before they turn into a dangerous situation for an employee or the environment. Though in EHS, operations are often limited to a few people, spreading them thin between all of the tasks that go into maintaining safety, sustainability and compliance management. The responsibility of the EHS leader is great, and it is Gensuite’s job to make their job easier whenever possible.

Genny, available through smart voice-controlled devices or through the Gensuite Desktop or Mobile applications, provides users with instant access to critical location, program, and/or equipment-specific information using artificial intelligence. How does Genny work? On Gensuite’s software homepage, Genny is ready to tell users about key EHS aspects, can help find regulatory citations, show reports/charts, submit a safety concern quickly, and much more. Our Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistant is helping companies drive engagement, efficiency, safety and productivity in their day-to-day workplace management.

When it’s your responsibility to maintain the safety and sustainability of your workplace and all of your employees, having a side-kick like Genny can have a significant impact. Having the support of Genny helps our users carry out their jobs more effectively—enabling safer and more sustainable work environments worldwide.

See Your EHS Visions Come to Life.

Auditing efficiency, accuracy and consistency are highlighted by EHS auditors as areas to innovate and improve. As a practice, auditing had seen little by way of technological innovation until the use of Mobile devices came on the scene about a decade ago. Since then, advances in Artificial Intelligence and the application of Smart Glasses are redefining what is possible within the practice.

Gensuite Smart Glass solutions deliver never-before-seen workplace auditing capabilities that have proven to be practical and applicable to any industry. Recently featured in the Verdantix Smart Innovators: Industrial Wearables report, our developments integrating Smart Glass technology with Gensuite software enables isolated workers in remote locations to share video feed, retrieve vital information and receive guidance, providing real-time problem solving through team collaboration and messaging.


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