• General Questions About Compliance & Management Systems Software
  • 1: What is an EHS software system and why is it important?
    EHS stands for Environment, Health and Safety. To manage EHS effectively, companies must achieve regulatory compliance, maintain a safe workplace, and protect the health of employees and the public. EHS software provides cloud-based, Mobile-compatible solutions for any industry or global location – enabling your company to save time, money, and improve employee wellbeing.
  • 2: What does the future of the EHS compliance & management system market look like?
    The compliance & management system market has rapidly grown over the last 20 years, and is driven by major business elements such as regulatory compliance, corporate reputation protection, accident avoidance, worker wellbeing and process standardization, according to leading global industry analyst, Verdantix. From our experience over the last two decades, we see the next generation of compliance & management software as integrating frontier technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IoT growing our market even further.
  • 3: What are the current best practices for choosing & deploying EHS compliance & management systems?
    We’re glad you asked! We put together a guide on how to have a successful system launch in this blog post.
  • 4: What is the ROI of implementing EHS functional management systems?
    Functional management systems result in a Return On Investment (ROI) in safety, health, and sustainability. In addition to the benefits associated with keeping employees safe, healthy and happy, the cost of investing in EHS compliance & management software is often far less than the fines and penalties associated with failing to maintain compliance.

  • What Does Gensuite Offer?
  • 5: What functional areas do Gensuite’s software systems cover? Gensuite’s cloud-based software application systems cover EHS & Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship.
  • 6: What’s included in Gensuite’s EHS&S software solution?Gensuite’s EHS&S suite includes robust compliance programs & management systems for:


  • 7: What is included in Gensuite’s Quality Management System (QMS) software solution?
    Gensuite Quality Management System (QMS) applications help users establish quality program goals, track preventative and corrective action, supports employee concern reporting and communications, maintain quality program documents and conduct internal audits.
  • 8: What is included in Gensuite’s Security software solution?
    Gensuite Security Management software applications help users establish a team-wide security program through security concern and incident reporting, tracking site-specific security risks, conducting program assessments using custom security protocols and assigning corrective action.
  • 9: What is included in Gensuite’s Product Stewardship software solution?
    Gensuite Product Stewardship software applications enable users to manage product compliance with global regulations, manage product or program changes and monitor new or updated global regulations for continued compliance.
  • 10: What is included in Gensuite’s Responsible Sourcing solution?
    Gensuite Responsible Sourcing software applications enable users to manage an inventory of supplier information, conduct supplier assessments and assign corrective action plans to suppliers.
  • 11: Why choose Gensuite over other functional management software system vendors?
    Gensuite is compliance & management software built by EHS professionals, meaning our applications make the most sense when compared to the competition. With 20 years of experience in the EHS industry, you can trust our functionality for your program need. We understand the challenges you face, because our team members have experienced the same challenges firsthand – and we can customize our solution specifically for you!
  • 12: How much does Gensuite cost?Our scalable and cost-effective service model can adapt to a variety of business deployment needs. Gensuite costing is based on the scope and scale of implementation specific to the business, taking into account factors such as the organization’s footprint, facilities, type of operations and the number of employees. We also consider the Gensuite applications chosen for implementation when factoring cost.Because Gensuite is a modular software solution, it allows companies to select applications by highest priority, meaning subscribers only pay for applications that are applicable to them. And our solution has the ability to grow with you into the future, with options to add sites or applications to your program as needed—with scale-up synergies being recognized as your program expands. One benefit to Gensuite is that there is no user licensing. Gensuite subscribers can offer system access to all employees with no extra cost per user.Gensuite operating and service costs offer full flexibility and are proportional to scale, giving our subscribers the power to deploy the exact solution they need on a single-site or enterprise basis within the targeted scope of deployment.
  • 13: Do you have a solution for small-scale deployment?
    Yes! If you have 1-2 sites that need compliance & management software, Gensuite offers an entirely pre-configured solution for you. Our Gensuite READY platform comes with all the same EHS capabilities that our enterprise solution has, offered at an economical price and ready for immediate launch. You can try it free by visiting here.
  • 14: What industries use Gensuite the most?
    Gensuite is applicable to nearly every industry, with subscribers spanning automotive, oil & gas, construction, aviation, manufacturing, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and beyond!
  • 15: Can Gensuite adapt to my growing business?
    Yes! Gensuite is scalable and made to evolve with you as you and your team grow.
  • 16: Can Gensuite be configured to my specific needs?
    Absolutely. Gensuite’s applications are built on tried and true best-practices workflows, integrating 2 decades of industry expertise – with the ability to configure more than 65 applications under 18 program areas to match your business needs. Our configurations include customized reporting options, interfaces available in over 18 languages and more, with extension solutions that allow for special business-specific configurations that are maintained and assured of compatibility as part of the core application for all subscribers. Our core offerings are built on a universal platform, ensuring that your company receives every update, improvement and innovation through our cloud-based model. Gensuite guarantees that all special configurations integrate seamlessly into our core application offerings.
  • 17: How does Gensuite address evolving EHS regulations?
    Gensuite Reg Tracker application alerts users of any regulatory change applicable to their program to enable compliance with global regulations.
  • 18: What pre-configured options are available out of the box?
    Out of the box, Gensuite offers 80% functionality ready to go with the rest being built to your specific needs. With the majority of our solution pre-configured, we are proud to maintain 100% on-time launch faster than anyone else.
  • 19: Is Gensuite Mobile-capable? If so, on what platforms?
    Yes! Gensuite has been investing in Mobile technology for 10+ years.Our Gensuite Mobile applications are available on Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows devices. Learn more about our Mobile solution.
  • 20: What are Gensuite’s reporting capabilities?
    All of our applications offer full reporting capabilities with powerful data science & analytics to analyze trends, KPIs and more.
  • 21: How soon could I launch Gensuite?
    The Gensuite system can launch in a matter of 2-4 weeks.
  • 22: We are a small organization. Will Gensuite still work for my team?
    Yes! Gensuite is flexible, so our solution works for teams of any size. For smaller organizations, we suggest checking out our READY platform.
  • 23: Can I try Gensuite out to see if I like it?
    Yes! You can request to try our system for free to see if you like it.
  • 24: Can Gensuite integrate with our current system?
    Yes! Gensuite can integrate with most IT systems. But send us a message via our Live Chat feature with any specific questions you have.
  • 25: Is Gensuite a global solution? Is Gensuite’s platform translated?
    Gensuite software applications are made for global deployment—with interfaces translated in 16 different languages. Our services team spans offices in the U.S., India, China, Mexico, Australia, Canada, the U.K. and Europe to support your global sites.
  • 26: How does Gensuite service support work?
    When you subscribe to Gensuite, you will have a dedicated Gensuite team member to support whatever need you have. This includes in-person and online training, weekly follow up calls, and answering any questions or concerns.
  • 27: What is Gensuite Application Programming Interface (API)?
    Our Application Programming Interface allows you to tap into business-specific data and extract real-time data instantaneously. Gensuite API merges powerful analytics with full Mobile & QR Code capabilities, and streamlines your EHS&S applications with third-party integrations and customizations.

  • How Can Gensuite Compliance & Management Software Help Me?
  • 28: How does Gensuite EHS software help my company stay in compliance?
    Gensuite Audit and Compliance software applications simplify regulatory compliance by digitizing inspection processes and providing real-time insights and analytics for improvement.
  • 29: My company was found non-compliant—how can Gensuite help us recover?
    Gensuite Audit and Compliance solutions provide a holistic inspection management system to help you identify your program’s risks and develop a plan for corrective action. Gensuite systems are constantly tracking regulation change, and evolving with your company to enable compliance in the face of regulatory change.
  • 30: How can I establish sustainable workplace operations with Gensuite?
    We offer a variety of tools to help you maintain sustainable operations, including Gensuite Sustainability & Energy Management, Responsible Sourcing, and Health & Safety management software. Gensuite software enables your company to identify sustainable cost-savings opportunities, and allowing your company to join the global green movement.
  • 31: How can I increase employee engagement with Gensuite?
    Gensuite Employee Engagement software enables you to measure employee participation in safety-critical programs through Mobile-enabled Concern Reporting, Safety Observations, real-time analytics and an easy-to-use interface.
  • 32: How does Gensuite help me monitor risks and prevent incidents?
    Gensuite Incident Management software provides causal analyses of incidents and Near Misses, and enables immediate corrective and preventative actions to monitor risks and prevent future incidents.
  • 33: How can Gensuite help me commit to Environmental Sustainability?
    Gensuite Environmental Sustainability software enables employers to track and manage resource and energy usage while providing suggestions for future conservation, savings, and investment opportunities.

  • Other Resources
  • 34: Where can I learn more about your individual products?
    Gensuite solutions pages are a good place to start! For more in-depth information, take a look at our program briefs and schedule a demo with a Gensuite expert today.
  • 35: Do you have subscriber case studies that I can reference?
    Absolutely. Explore our site library for subscriber case studies, program guides, videos and more that show our products in action.
  • 36: I am interested in partnering with Gensuite?
    Gensuite partners with leading organizations worldwide to create best-in-class products & services. Our partnerships are key to ensuring that we always provide our users with the best in the industry. Become a partner today.
  • 37: Has Gensuite won any recent awards?
    We are honored to be selected as a winner for multiple awards, and owe it all to our amazing subscribers, partners and supporters!
  • 38: Where can I access recent press about Gensuite?
    To stay up to date on new Gensuite subscribers, community action and awards, check out our Press Page.
  • 39: How did Gensuite rank in the most recent Verdantix Green Quadrant?
    Check out how we ranked in the 2017 Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software Report! Among the 20 EHS software system vendors surveyed for the report, Gensuite was recognized for providing a wide array of high-quality EHS solutions, and exceeding customer expectations for functionality in mobile, EHS processes and more.

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