Facts to Follow on Summer Safety for Outdoor Occupations [Infographic]

Facts to Follow on Summer Safety for Outdoor Occupations [Infographic]

Sweet, sweet summertime! For many of us, that means barbeques, picnics, and travel. But even still, in between the beach days, we have work days. For those of that work in occupational environments outdoors this can be even more strenuous. Industries such as construction and oil & gas, the July month can take a serious toll on one’s health and well-being. This summer, stay informed with these facts to follow on summer safety for outdoor occupations, so you can enjoy the finer things in life–like those barbeques and beach days.


Did you know? In the United States in 2014, 244 people died from exposure to excessive heat. Take a look at this number–from 1999 to 2010, 8,091 heat-related deaths were reported in the United States. Don’t fall victim to such an incident. Learn how you can prevent these types of deaths from occurring.


How can you prevent heat-related injuries? One of the top methods to protect yourself and your employees from heat-related deaths, illnesses, and injuries is prevention. Prevent them by properly implementing heat-stress training.


What is the next step? Gensuite offers proven software to help you prevent heat-related injuries and deaths. Discover our line of Employee Engagement software applications and Safety Program and Procedures Applications to get your employees trained and ready to take on the summer sun.


For more on how Gensuite can help you prepare for not just the summer months, but all year long, visit us on the web to schedule a software demo or inquire about a free trial. Contact us today!


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