Facility Management: Large Issues for Larger Industries

Facility Management: Large Issues for Larger Industries

Facility Management

While facilities include a wide variety of different types of industries, they all share similar issues. From construction sites and offices to hotels and commercial sites, they strive for the common goal of worker safety as well as communication and coordination between employees and third-party contractors. Read more about the challenges that facility management organizations face, and how Gensuite can alleviate these issues.

The Challenge

Possibly the most crucial aspect of construction management is keeping employees safe. From working with hazardous chemicals to having an unsafe work environment, the results can be dangerous for the employees and costly for the managers. A Florida-based construction site faced issues with compliance when it exposed its workers to dangerous work situations.

“Employers must provide adequate training and appropriate equipment to ensure the workers are protected,” OSHA area office director, Brian Sturtecky, stated.

Afterwards, the site only had a limited time to comply by properly training their workers to use the equipment while also enforcing the use of guardrails or other falling precautions.

Safety isn’t just a concern for construction sites, however. Places like offices or hotels can be full of potential hazards that the untrained eye may not be able to spot. A hotel in Washington state, for example, was found to be exposing workers to asbestos. This potentially life-threatening hazard is taken extremely seriously which is why the Washing State of Labor and Industries fined the hotel $355,000.

“It’s an extremely hazardous material,” L&I assistant director, Anne Soiza, stated. “[Asbestos is] notorious for causing cancer and other serious health issues.”

However, safety is only one of the many concerns managers face in facility management. Communication is also a key driver of a healthy work environment between employers and employees. This not only includes verbal discussions but also file sharing being a part of their daily routine as well. Communication is further expanded upon with commitments to ever-changing and updating regulations and obligations as well as maintaining proper training to all employees. This problem can be made even more troublesome when tasks and regulations must be clearly communicated to dozens or hundreds of employees in a large-scale operation.

The Solution

Cloud-based EHS&S software like Gensuite can help companies in the facility management industry overcome these issues. With this; safety, communication, change management, risk management, and staying current with ever-changing regulations can all be effectively handled.

With Gensuite, that means offering an array of software solutions to meet the particular needs of your company. With safety being such a dominant concern for many, Gensuite offers several applications that meet all these needs. Programs like those in our Safety Management System software suite include applications like Safety Risk Assessment and Industrial Hygiene, which help employees efficiently perform SRAs and assessments while also monitoring potential on-site health hazards. Contractor Manager is able to manage third-party contractors and their firms to make sure they not only qualify for their work but also stay safe while on the job. Should anything go wrong, applications like Initial Injury Reports can log injuries and give you the tools to track and follow up on each case.

Communication problems are not only alleviated with Gensuite applications, but are made accessible through various platforms as well. Applications like Action Tracking System, Document Manager, and Training Tracker are powerful on desktop, and can transition seamlessly to Mobile devices. So, making corrective actions, sharing files site-wide, and delivering up-to-date training practices can be performed in an office or wherever your employees are, on or offline.

With Gensuite cloud-based software solutions, your company can overcome the safety and communication hurdles faced in the facility industry with software tailored for you. Visit our Facility Industry page and see what Gensuite can offer your company.


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