Facilitating a Successful Digital Transformation: 10 Takeaways from the 2020 Launch & Implementation Summit

Facilitating a Successful Digital Transformation: 10 Takeaways from the 2020 Launch & Implementation Summit

Digital Transformation

Year 2020 has shown that companies who invest in digital transformation tend to be much more resilient and responsive in times of rapid change and business disruption.

At Gensuite, we’re simplifying digital transformation. Having built a cloud-based, best-practice solution capable of flexible configurations, we’re able to extend our functionality to meet organizational needs quickly and without the drawn-out months or even years that it often takes for custom development and implementation. With the ability to extend our platform to address industry & business-specific process needs, the Gensuite solution comes with a different mindset: leveraging 25 years of best practice benchmarks to deliver value quickly and effectively, and with each new implementation lending to a more refined and improved approach.

A Recap of the 2020 Launch & Implementation Summit 

If digital transformation is critical to business resilience, implementation is key to successful digital transformation. In November we hosted our first Launch & Implementation Summit, a two-day virtual event designed to help subscribers think through key components of successful digital transformation: organizational culture, program maturity, corporate philosophy, engagement strategies, and measurements of success.

We were privileged to feature case studies, best practices, and tips for success from several leaders in our Subscriber and Partner Communities, including Herman Baker & Sarah Tallarico from Carestream, Cassandra MacShane from The HEICO Companies, and Doug Callison from Woodward, as well as Jo Swango from our partners at Huco Consulting.

Drawing from these subscriber & partner spotlights in addition to our two decades of implementation experience and industry research, we developed a four-step implementation process to deliver digital transformation within our best practice solution construct. Starting with design, setup & planning, then moving to deployment and continuous implementation, these four steps are the key to getting your system implementation up and running to see results faster, initiate widespread change, and continue working toward on-going advancement.

Below are the 10 key takeaways to help you meet your digital transformation objectives and ensure that your project implementation is a success.

10 Key Takeaways:

  1. Have a clear aspirational vision: Think through the outcomes you are trying to achieve. Clearly communicate these goals to not only your EHS teams, but also with leadership any other parties that are involved in the digital transformation process. How should the world look different for your company after the transformation? Return to this vision often to define success measures, targets, and communications.
  2. Stakeholders matter!: It is important to not only understand who in the organization sets program expectations and direction, but also would be an advocate and champion or drive continued engagement. Ensure you have the right stakeholders engaged, beginning from the design phase; not communicating the project requirements and expectations with stakeholders upfront and throughout the process can result in unnecessary time and frustration of going back to the drawing board.
  3. Use a phased approach: By breaking down your long-term vision into phases, you can achieve some quick wins while pursuing larger objectives vs. an “all or nothing” deployment approach.
  4. Pilot to test the waters: Collect feedback & identify barriers to engagement.  Consider if your company structure and timeline will support a pilot launch and create clear timelines and feedback loops to avoid getting stuck.
  5. Make implementation visible: Make it convenient and easy for your end users to engage with the tools that you are implementing. For example, you can encourage physical engagement by hanging posters around your facility or posting a QR code for users to scan to learn more information on the tool. Showcase early adopters and champions for your digital transformation as a spotlight in your company newsletter.
  6. Be prepared to overcome resistance: Change can be difficult for anyone. Be sure to listen to your users and respond to how these changes will be beneficial for your organizational and program goals and objectives, regulations, and technologies.
  7. Recognize & reward early adopters: Recognizing and sharing feedback from your early adopters can inspire other employees to engage and buy-in to your digital transformation journey, and further the overall success of the project. Be sure to talk up your champions, call out those driving transformation, and make it fun and visible through giveaways, or even showcase as a spotlight in your company newsletter.
  8. Measure success & share progress: It’s important to clearly define up-front how you will measure success so that you can see how effective the deployment has been.  These success factors should tie back to your aspirational vision and objective.  Look at measuring engagement and success through training session attendance, user activity, utilization, and overall deployment analytics for a comprehensive look at your project’s progress and performance.
  9. Don’t expect 100% perfection on day 1:Don’t get discouraged if there hiccups in your digital transformation journey. Instead, view your solution as a “work in progress”.  Use those learnings to realign and evolve as you continue through the project.
  10. “Continuous Implementation” is the key to success: While digital transformation often starts with a new process, system, technology, or improvement, it can also include program expansion, technology adoption, and system integrations. In other words, the solution itself may not be new, but the needs, processes, or capabilities are evolving and require new implementation.  As enterprise objectives, operations, regulations, leadership, personnel and technology evolve, so too must the digital solution in order to stay relevant and continue to deliver value to the organization.

Looking ahead to 2021, we’re excited to continue looking at how to partner with our subscriber community on the implementation conversation to help each of you achieve your digital implementation goals.

To learn more about how you can begin your digital journey to operational & compliance excellence, contact us today!

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