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Strategic Health & Safety: Aligning Ergonomics with Overall Business Goals

Ergonomics eBook Highlights and Main Sections

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 33% of all worker injury & illnesses cases recorded in 2013 were musculoskeletal disorder related. The risk of such injuries is dependent on a combination of the duration, frequency and intensity of exposure to these activities. Knowing these risks, understanding ergonomics and building an environment that is conducive to the work of your employees can save your company in the long run. That’s why it’s important to go beyond health and safety with your ergonomics program to align with overall business goals!

In this free Gensuite eBook, we will outline the importance of taking your ergonomics program beyond health and safety to align with business goals! You will discover how using a digital solution can help you create, manage and improve the ergonomics of your work environment to help you realize business saving opportunities:

  • Ergonomics by The Numbers (Infographic)
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve with Gensuite Ergo Facilitator
  • Gensuite Subscriber Case Study: Telecommunications Subscriber

Ergonomics by the Numbers (Infographic)
Did you know that ergonomic-related injuries cost companies billions every year? And not just in dollars. Poor ergonomics leads to loss of work productivity as well. In our Ergonomics by the Numbers Infographic, we take a look at the impact ergonomics has on business.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Gensuite Ergo Evaluator
Gensuite’s Ergo Evaluator is the only tool you need to manage company-wide ergonomics! Ergo Evaluator enables users to standardize an ergonomics improvement process, build customized corrective actions based on analysis of risk factors and affected body part(s), identify cost-saving opportunities and more, enabling you to manage ergonomics with overall business goals using a single digital solution.

Gensuite Subscriber Case Study: Telecommunications Subscriber
With 10,000+ employees at their office locations, this telecommunications company needed a centralized system to facilitate ergonomics assessments with an organized process that involves site supervisors and EHS managers. This company partnered with Gensuite to develop a tool and process for reviewing ergonomics self-assessments and driving corrective actions in an organized and timely manner.

Discover Even More About Gensuite Ergonomics with these Valuable Resources

In addition to the Strategic Health & Safety: Aligning Ergonomics with Overall Business Goals eBook, Gensuite offers a full library of resources. Explore all that Gensuite has to offer such as videos, case studies, blogs, product briefs and much more.


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Ergo Facilitator Brief


Gensuite Ergonomics Project Recognized in the 2017 Verdantix EH&S Innovation Awards

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