EHS Software Solutions for Energy & Renewables

EHS Software Solutions for Energy & Renewables

Chances are, if you are reading this article, electrical energy is currently at work right at your fingertips! But how often do you actually take the time to think about how that electricity gets to you? There is so much involved in the distribution of electricity into our homes, workplaces and communities. A complex grid system connects energy to billions of people, and power companies must be meticulous in their delivery in order to keep this system up and running. At Gensuite, it is our job to give these power companies the resources that they need to safely and effectively bring power to people.

“Gensuite applications save us a lot of time when collecting information for trending data analysis,” said one power & water energy services leader, “it has helped to organize business in a more effective manner and has taken away a lot of stress.”

To achieve the goal of powering a power company with digital systems, Gensuite offers a Software as a Service solution to support users in various functions, including Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S), Sustainability, Quality, Responsible Sourcing, Security and Product Stewardship, to help companies from diverse industries achieve compliance and reach management systems excellence. Recently, a string of power companies have made Gensuite their choice for tracking EH&S and Sustainability data. Applications such as Incidents & Measurements, Action Tracking System, Compliance Calendar, Safety Observations, Safety Risk Assessment and Permit Manager help power companies digitize the incident recording and reporting process and ensure that power companies meet permit requirements for energy construction in an environmentally sustainable manner.

What is Gensuite’s Role in the Energy Sector?

Since 2008, Gensuite has supported 82 energy sites for a multinational electric utility company. So, how does Gensuite support such a large renewable energy provider? As the global leader in wind power, this company needed a system that would support large scale wind energy sites, with specific concerns regarding the impact of wind turbines on the local ecosystem. Gensuite fulfilled this need by providing a mobile-enabled solution for adhering to their Avian and Bat protection plan through the Incidents & Measurements application. This solution allowed for in-the-field recording and reporting, through the use of mobile with offline capabilities, providing data logging support in remote wind farm locations, regardless of connectivity. Gensuite’s best-in-class mobile applications are what enabled this company to take their EH&S and Sustainability program with them wherever they worked.

Global Power, Powered by Gensuite

As a global company, Gensuite has the ability to support power companies all around the world. Liberty was signed as Gensuite’s first Canadian subscriber, a renewable energy and utility company with assets across North America and a leading producer of hydroelectric, wind and solar power. Liberty needed a solution that would support field technicians servicing multiple energy sites, accounting for metrics such as drive time, miles driven and vehicle-related incidents. Gensuite catered to Liberty’s dispersed workforce needs by creating custom metrics to include a company driver “near miss” rate within the Incidents & Measurements application. For this power company, the ability to work with their business processes and customize management systems was crucial in helping them achieve compliance and management success.

For power companies like the above, there are unique needs for digital EH&S and Sustainability software solutions. Gensuite business support teams have had the unique opportunity to learn more about what powers a power company as their roster of power-providers increases. There is value in choosing a software and service provider that can facilitate industry-specific needs and innovate the right tools for different energy-related tasks and operations. In this high-tech, 21st century world that we live in, it is hard to imagine life without power. Power companies around the world have the important job of making sure that we never have to do without, and have found help in sustaining their business programs with support from the Gensuite team.

To learn more about Gensuite’s unique EHS, sustainability and quality solutions in any industry, contact us to schedule a demo, or explore our resources page.


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