What is EHS Risk Management?

What is EHS Risk Management?

EHS Risk Management Software

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Risk Management comprises the processes and procedures designed to promote a safer workplace and compliance with certain regulatory agencies. Services tend to be provided by third parties for several reasons. Most business owners and executives want to run a responsible and safe operation, for the sake of their brand’s reputation, their employees’ safety, and the operations of their companies. Indeed, according to the latest McKinsey survey, more than 50% of executives consider sustainability — the management of environmental, social, and governance issues — “very” or “extremely” important in a wide range of areas, including new product development, reputation building, and overall corporate strategy.

Check out these reasons why you should look into getting inspection software in order to implement and streamline functional EHS risk management:

Time and Expense

The truth is that it is difficult to determine what threats pose the most critical risk. Since most of a company’s employees weren’t hired to perform risk management, training them and allocating their time would be cost ineffective.


Studies show that 45% of employees don’t feel comfortable pointing out potentially unsafe behaviors to either their peers or supervisors. The objectivity offered by safety software is guaranteed not to fall prey to biases or human error.

Display of Compassion

Nearly 50% of employees care about a company’s water and energy conservation efforts, access to recycling, and whether the company takes its impact on the environment seriously. A company has a certain moral responsibility toward its employees and the environment, and bringing in an experienced third party or specialized automated software is a great way to show them you care while taking practical steps to reduce risks.

Only about 35% of executives say their companies have quantified the potential impact of environmental and social regulation on their businesses. Safety audit software is a good way to join this club. EHS risk management is no joke, and could save you untold amounts in revenue, injuries and possible fatalities, pollution to the earth and more.


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