Switch from Excel to an Occupational Health & Safety Software Solution

Switch from Excel to an Occupational Health & Safety Software Solution

Occupational Health & Safety

EHS, Quality & Sustainability can be difficult topics to tackle, and intimidating to track regularly. And it can be even scarier to switch from a spreadsheet-based tracking system like Excel, to a more sophisticated occupational health & safety solution. But EHS software is equipped to help you manage anything from regulation change to voluntary sustainability efforts and quality assurance – without the complicated formulas.

What’s wrong with just using Excel?

Excel spreadsheets keep most businesses functioning and compliant, but EHS Software is a much more holistic approach to EHS & sustainability. Excel spreadsheets are single-dimensional tracking systems for multi-dimensional issues. Regulatory compliance, sustainability & quality go hand-in-hand but are often isolated into distinct tracking systems without complex software. With more technical EHS software, you’re able to establish organizational baselines, view analytics in easily-viewed charts, and integrate different aspects of EHS and sustainability.

Why is it more effective to implement EHS software?

EHS software is cloud-based, meaning that your company’s information is safe and secure – because data is not stored in any single location, employee access can be controlled and restricted. Switching from Excel to a software solution will also save you time. Forget about manual data entry and Excel formulas – EHS software offers real-time, detailed insights and analytics. Gensuite’s EHS software solutions are also scalable, meaning that we have solutions for any company regardless of size, geographic location, or industry and our solution can grow with your company.

EHS Software offers companies across all industries valuable opportunities moving forward.

Go Mobile

Gensuite software goes where you do, meaning that auditing, inspections, and compliance are a breeze. With fully integrated mobile capabilities, EHS software can allow employees to log reports, submit feedback, and search databases from their tablets or smartphones. In addition to increasing effectiveness, EHS software also increases employee engagement – giving workers an open platform for communication and compliance.

Go Green

Sustainability efforts like ISO 14001 compliance, renewable energy and responsible product stewardship can be complex to track and achieve. But today’s customers value transparency and honesty about where their products and services come from, and how they’re produced and disposed of – with sustainability software, you can answer these questions with ease.

Stay Up to Date

Regulations change constantly, but compliance is mandatory regardless. With Gensuite’s auditing and compliance software, keep track of regulations and remain up-to-date without having to risk noncompliance.

Gain Insight

Gensuite’s occupational health & safety software is highly integrated and intuitive. View real-time analytics as data and reports are logged across sites through various applications – increasing safety and security over time. From data visualization to custom reports, gain insights into individual sites and organizations through trending snapshots and integrated dashboards.



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