Feature-Rich EHS Software Applications Supported by the Latest Technology & Gensuite Services


Gensuite compliance & EHS management software solutions are part of a consistently updated and customer reviewed holistic solution. Gensuite applications are intelligently designed to provide you with the latest technology integrations, such as Smart Glass and Genny™ the Virtual Assistant. Our EHS Software applications span across six functional program areas: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing, Product Stewardship, and Equipment Asset Management to ensure your workplace needs are completely covered. Implement Gensuite’s compliance & EHS management software applications individually based on priority or collectively to leverage your workplace process synergies.

Powerful Standard Features & Services Included with Every Gensuite Subscription
Powerful EHS Management Software Mobile Features and Services are Included with Every Gensuite EHS Software Subscription
  • Gensuite Analytics
    Powered by Tableau®
  • Gensuite Mobile App
    Gensuite wherever you are!
  • 24/7 Global Customer Service
    Available online & on-call
  • Genny™
    Embedded AI-driven virtual assistant
  • System Tools
    Self-service configuration, monitoring & help

Comprehensive EHS Solutions Suite

Built on Best Practice Workflows Leveraging Latest Tech & Innovations Scalable from One Site to Enterprise

Cloud-Based Single Version Software

Readily Configured and Launched (<3 months) Extensions, IT
Integrations and APIs Continuous Evolution, Never Obsolete

Streamlined Collaboration Platform

Supporting 16+ Languages 1,000,000+ Users in 120 Countries. No User License, Rapid Deployment

Engaging & Empowering Stakeholders

Real-Time Data Analytics & Dashboards Accessible Across Desktop to Mobile Supported by a Global Team in 8 Countries

“The Gensuite product evolution is profound and intuitive–there is not a single application that has not been thoughtfully designed, developed, and tested–all accompanied by detailed support and training materials.”

– VP, EHS&S, Gensuite Subscriber 10+ years

Discover EHS Software Applications by Functional & Solution Areas

Gensuite serves 6 functional areas with tailored EHS Management solutions & applications to support your needs

EHS & Sustainability

Lead the way to environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability excellence.

Incident Management

Reduce workplace accidents and injuries with Gensuite Incident Management Software to track incidents from occurrence to closure.

Sustainability and Energy Management

Transform your company’s energy and sustainability initiatives with Gensuite Sustainability Management Software.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Book My Dashboard

Key Performance Indicator Tracking System

Book Instant Insights

Metrics Reporting Software

Book Application Manager

Open Action Tracking System

Book Business Reporter

Business Reporting Management System

Book Analyzers

Trend Analysis Software System

Book Digital Cockpit

Data Visualization Management Software

Training Management

Structure and deliver regulatory and best practice training to reduce risk and enhance productivity with Gensuite Training Management Software.


Enhance your quality culture and drive improvements with quality management software applications.

Quality Management

Meet quality program and product expectations, conform with certification systems and deliver to customer standards with Gensuite Quality Management Software.


Secure your company’s future with agile security management.

Security Management

Implement key facets of corporate security plans and ensure a more secure work environment with Gensuite Security Management Software.

Book Security Concern Reporting

Concern Reporting Software

Book Security Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting Software

Responsible Sourcing

Manage your external workforce with a strengthened client-supplier relationship.

Responsible Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Gensuite Responsible Sourcing and Supplier Management Software manages the client-supplier relationship for enhanced supply chain practices.

Product Stewardship

Minimize your product’s environmental impact throughout the life cycle.

Product Compliance

Create a platform for product compliance and manage the client-supplier relationship for enhanced supply chain practices and access to global markets.

Equipment Asset Management

The backbone of many organizations is the equipment/assets used to maintain day-to-day operations.

Equipment Maintenance and Asset Management

Manage your operating assets with Gensuite Equipment Maintenance Software to track equipment, work orders and preventative maintenance, and integrate regulatory compliance.

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