EHS Auditing Software: Virtual Auditing for Virtually Everyone

EHS Auditing Software: Virtual Auditing for Virtually Everyone

Mobile Audit Software

There are 3.7 million employees that telecommute in the U.S. alone, a population that has grown 103% since 2005. Advancements in cloud services and video conferencing have enabled this new virtual workforce, making it easier than ever to connect with others online, regardless of location.

How can virtual work translate to the world of workplace audits? There are many moving parts within an audit – multiple auditors, lists of audit parameters, regulations, various paper/digital notes of best practices and findings. All this is critical work and in the world of “do more and do it faster”, consolidating the auditing process can help auditors (and business!). Imagine the huge impact that telepresence brought to connect co-workers meeting remotely. A shared, collaborative workspace – a digital audit room – is the virtual answer. EHS auditing software enables virtual auditing for everyone on your audit team by facilitating easier data entry, team communications, and referencing to audit protocols. Some benefits include…

Digital & Portable Work. Leveraging the power of Mobile and offline capabilities, auditors can go everywhere with digital audits. Auditors work in diverse operational environments, with sometimes limited connectivity, so having auditing tools that are portable and digital are certainly useful.

Better Collaboration. With cloud-based auditing software, your entire team can collaborate on the same audit using a single tool. It eliminates cumbersome and clumsy paper approaches by providing a single tool for everyone on your team to use. It allows audit teams to join together in a virtual audit room to share observations, recordings and more.

Easily Generate Reports. Taking your entire team’s notes and observations from an audit and then creating a single comprehensive report can be a daunting task. Audit reports are easy with EHS auditing software. It uses collected data from all team members to instantly generate reports, ready to send to employees, management or clients.

Gensuite Audit Assistant. Gensuite, cloud-based compliance and management software system provider, offers the two-time award-winning Audit Assistant tool for virtual audits. Audit Assistant’s main functions are to leverage mobile devices to record observations with ease on the field, allow seamless collaboration amongst team members, and generate reports and follow-up actions in an integrated and streamlined manner. First, observations are securely recorded together with photos, videos, and recordings, and saved onto the auditor’s device. Then, when connectivity is available, these observations are sent into the designated virtual Audit Room where reports can be generated and follow-up actions can be assigned. In 2017, Gensuite released several enhancements to the Audit Assistant tool for even greater auditing capabilities. Learn more about these new capabilities here.

What’s up next for Gensuite Audit Assistant? Our team is constantly cooking up new capabilities to help you work smarter. We’re taking virtual audits to the next level with virtual assistants! Our Gensuite Virtual Assistant, Genny, will soon be able to log audit observations while you are away. Stay tuned!

As the virtual workforce becomes stronger, compliance and management system processes will continue to digitize in turn. Gensuite offers vital time-saving digital solutions for auditors. It eliminates paper records and messy compilations, and instead streamlines the audit performing process by allowing teams to work together collaboratively. By using Gensuite’s Audit Assistant software, auditors can reduce risk, prevent loss, and ensure customer confidence, saving the company money and organizational resources and ultimately keeping everyone safe.

Want to learn more about Gensuite’s Audit Assistant? Visit here, or schedule a demo to see it in action.



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    Looking for a tool that facilitates Virtual Auditing.

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    hello I am looking for a tool which facilitates virtual audits

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