Digitized Solutions for a Healthier Workplace – A Gensuite Interview on Industrial Hygiene

Digitized Solutions for a Healthier Workplace – A Gensuite Interview on Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene is the “science and art devoted to anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace.” Industrial Hygienists are responsible for managing working environments, and ensuring that employees return home safely and in good health. Gensuite IH software enables you to minimize hazardous exposures, conduct risk assessments, and streamline EHS management through powerful analytics.


Why is a digitized IH system integral to a successful workplace? We asked Gensuite Industrial Hygiene Expert, Kasee Stewart, about the importance of deploying a digital IH solution for professional environmental health and safety.


What challenges do industrial hygienists face? 

The biggest struggles we have identified are visibility to data with an easy way to trend, standardization of assessments, and keeping track of employee notifications.


What industries could benefit from Gensuite Industrial Hygiene software? 

Gensuite’s Industrial Hygiene application benefits a broad spectrum of different industries! Some examples of industries for current Gensuite subscribers utilizing Gensuite’s IH application include manufacturing & industrial operations, chemicals & specialty process operations, healthcare, energy and many others! Every industry has unique challenges with exposures, and can benefit from characterizing exposures for their employees.


How does Gensuite IH differ from traditional industrial hygiene programs?

Gensuite’s Industrial Hygiene application was developed by a community of Industrial Hygiene experts with a specific focus on comprehensive IH program management, inclusive of elements of quantitative and qualitative exposure assessment, characterization of risk, tracking follow up actions, and analyzing and trending the results of the assessments.


How can Gensuite Industrial Hygiene improve existing IH programs?

Gensuite’s Industrial Hygiene and integrated applications provide organizations with a streamlined, standardized, and digitized process which enables organizations to have all their Industrial Hygiene program information on one place, for easy search, trending, and follow up.  The incorporated features in the application were designed by IH professionals to assist with labor intensive and time-consuming processes, such as provision of notification letters for sampling to employees, to not only create tools to assist, like a standardized notification template automatically populated with results, but also facilitate communications through automatic notifications.


Does IH integrate with other Gensuite applications?

As Gensuite’s applications are seamlessly integrated to ensure a complete process and workflow, the Industrial Hygiene application integrates with the Action Tracking System and Compliance Calendar to ensure any corrective actions are addressed and follow up tasks, such as routine or follow up IH sampling events are completed.  In addition, the Gensuite applications are uniquely integrated with our Incidents & Measurements application to track any exceedances of exposure limits, inclusive of root cause analysis and associated follow up items.


IH software is key to maintaining a safe and clean workplace, regardless of industry. Gensuite IH software is a Mobile-enabled, cloud-based EHS solution. To learn more about our solutions, explore www.gensuite.com and stay up-to-date on our webinars through our events page.


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