Defense and Arms Industry Challenges and Software Solutions

Defense and Arms Industry Challenges and Software Solutions

Defense Industry Challenges

As a former member of the United States Armed Forces and prior unit armorer, I know firsthand the challenges that the defense industry–or arms industry–faces when conducting daily operations. Similar to the defense industry, I oversaw the servicing of military weaponry and other munitions. I adhered to weapon security measures. And knew just how serious it was if the smallest firing pin went missing.

However, the defense industry expands far beyond what my reach ever could. As a global market, the defense industry is responsible for the manufacturing and sales of weapons and military technology for the Armed Forces and civilians alike. Covering such a vast market of sensitive material, many regulations surround the handling of defense equipment. Here are the top challenges faced by the defense industry. In addition, we will cover the software solutions global companies use to manage those challenges and maintain regulatory compliance.

Top Challenges in the Defense Industry

Evolution of Weaponry and Cybersecurity Threats.

Advancements in the field of information technology, upgradation of existing weapons with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, along with the increasing volume of classified-data gathered systems have necessitated the use of reliable and enhanced cybersecurity solutions for the defense industry. These technological advancements in the cybersecurity market and defense industry, and the rising threat of cyber-attacks to critical infrastructures by organized criminal groups, remain the key driver for the growth of cybersecurity solutions. Gensuite offers proven Security Management Software applications to combat these threats to cybersecurity for those in the defense industry. The suite of security management apps helps prevent physical and digital dangers with Mobile alerts, and helps to prevent future threats with data and analytics.


Arms and Defense Equipment: Operations, Inspections, and Maintenance.

Everyday activities within the defense industry entail keeping equipment used to produce weapons and other munitions in top working order. That means performing routine inspections to ensure safety and quality for the consumer and employees alike. Critical components used in defense can be very complex and they have some of the tightest specifications imaginable. For example: A .0001-.0002 mm deviation in military vision components can cause a weapon carried by a soldier or mounted to a tank to miss a far-off target. The pedals used by pilots to fly commercial aircraft also leave no room for error in their manufacturing. Gensuite Inspection Tool provides a solution for defense operations. It enables you to conduct, assign, and track critical maintenance tasks and inspections using custom checklists for various equipment.


Maintaining Defense Compliance with Ever-Evolving Regulations.

The defense industry faces numerous compliance requirements from the government and from its own internal standards of excellence. Such requirements cover numerous aspects of the supply-chain. They include materials usage, counterfeit parts, manufacturing procedures, hiring practices, and other aspects of the industry. As covered in the section above on the importance on regular inspections and quality control, one regulation in particular covers this topic. Poorly constructed guns can fire even when the trigger hasn’t been pulled, or do not fire when the trigger has been pulled. Commonly referred to as “junk guns”, these low-quality handguns are often made out of inferior metals and designed in careless ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

Seven states and DC have enacted laws to address federally unregulated domestic junk guns. They have established a series of design and safety standards that handguns must meet before they can be manufactured, transferred, or possessed. To keep up with compliance safety standards such as this one, and many others imposed on the defense industry, companies such as Smith & Wesson turn to Gensuite Compliance Management.


Even though my military career is behind me, I will never forget the challenges faced when working with defense equipment. With that experience, I am able to help future Gensuite community members solve their defense industry challenges so they may evolve past cybersecurity threats, equipment operations, inspections, and maintenance hurdles, and lastly compliance obstacles.

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