Covid-19 Heat Map – Understanding the Impact & Positioning Your Organization for Action  

Covid-19 Heat Map – Understanding the Impact & Positioning Your Organization for Action  

COVID-19 Heat Map

Maps tell a story and synthesize information better than even the best data visualization tools.  Geographic perspective is a powerful tool for connecting organizations and functions that are often separated by more than just miles or kilometers, uncovering valuable insights from disparate data and providing a more holistic and deeper organizational view to risk, performance, and other business priorities 

As Covid-19 has made its way around the globe, organizations are scrambling to understand risk and impact, both realized and potential, to business continuity, operations, and their employees on the front lines. Modern mapping and GIS technology provides the ability for organizations to visualize geographic impact of pandemic spread overlaid with a geographic view of that organization’s operational footprint, including locations of physical facilities and reach of dynamic functional activities 

Gensuite Mapper COVID-19 Heat MapHaving established a foundation for GIS-based perspective with the launch of Gensuite® Mapper™ over a decade ago, the Gensuite subscribernow have a built-in perspective on Covid-19 spread, geographic concentration, and impact on their operations.  By integrating publicly available data sourced from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, Gensuite Mapper™ now offers a new interactive heat map which synthesizes data aggregated from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other leading global health agencies, including confirmed cases, tests, and deaths. 

Gensuite subscribers can now inform stakeholder discussions and decision making related to potential operational and supply chain disruptionssite shutdowns, and return to work planning. Real-time overlay of an organization’s pandemic exposure events and case data is made possible through integration with Gensuite® Incidents & Measurements and Concern Reporting™, a tremendous resource for employees on the front line to communicate and escalate potential issues and concerns with built-in follow-up and closure. 

Through collaborative innovation with our subscriber and partner communities, we are pleased to deliver practical, responsive solutions for Covid-19 risk management and mitigation prioritiesThe new Covid-19 heat map functionality within Mapper is available to every Gensuite subscriber. Contact us today to learn more about Mapper, or visit our website to read about our Covid-19 resources and other Gensuite Pandemic Exposure tools.  

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