Covid-19 – Employee & Contractor Screening for Return To Work

Covid-19 – Employee & Contractor Screening for Return To Work

COVID-19 Return to Work, COVID Employee & Contractor Screening

As federal jurisdictions and states/provinces lessen Covid-19 work restrictions, organizations are planning and implementing Return To Work policies and measures, including social distancing and other precautions necessary to ensure a safe workplace.  The safety of employees and contractors remains top priority as organizations work quickly to restart or ramp up production.

Many organizations are implementing phased strategies as they introduce groups of workers into their facilities, based on roles critical to production and with consideration given to regulatory and health organization guidelines.  One critical aspect of Return To Work strategies identified by our subscriber community is the use of employee, contractor, and visitor screening.  Worker and visitor screening can be an effective tool and precautionary measure to protect the safety and health of individuals and the extended population at a facility.

By harnessing the out-of-the-box capability of the Gensuite® Survey Engine™ , organizations are able to equip facility teams with a quick-to-launch, simple mechanism for gathering key information from workers and visitors as they prepare to enter a site.  Site workers and guests can easily and anonymously provide valuable feedback in an effective and non-obtrusive way. Health and safety coordinators at a facility can be alerted to potential health concerns for individuals entering the site and ensure actions consistent with an organization’s Return to Work policies and procedures.

Worker and visitor screening can be enabled and distributed in a variety of ways including mobile-enabled questionnaires available via a quick link on the organization’s Gensuite® portal page, via quick link on a computer kiosk or via quick scan of QR code posted at a site entryway. To protect the individual’s privacy and any personally identifiable information, the questionnaire can be setup in an anonymous mode where users do not require login. Site health and safety coordinators can be alerted via email after each submission, enabling immediate review and decision making.

For more information about worker and visitor screening and the Gensuite® Survey Engine™ or other Gensuite applications, contact us today.

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